Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stop the Presses...Roxanne's Needles are Back in Stock

For everyone who has ever been a fan of Roxanne's needles in their famous little shell-topped tubes I have great news. After a long, long wait Roxanne's needles are back on the market and as good as ever. For those of you who haven't used them: each needle is hand made in England and features an evenly tapered shape, quality plating, and the strength to handle tiny, even stitching. These needles have the largest eye on the market. Quality needles do make a difference in your hand quilting. There are 50 in a tube for only 8.99!

Another cool notion is the new Stack 'N Store Bobbin Tower from Nancy Ziemans and Clover. Keep your bobbins organized. Each of the 6 sections hold 5 bobbins.

1 comment:

Betweens said...

perfect I will be coming to visit they ARE my favorite needle for applique and quilting!!