Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hiya Hiya, Toe-Up Socks and a Small Mystery

I was down in Cincinatti around Christmas time and picked up the most adorable little circular knitting needle made by Hiya Hiya and designed with knitting socks (one at a time) in mind. These little cuties are only 9" and are a great alternative to double points for sock knitting. If you have trouble with your stitches falling off or laddering they are well worth trying. They are steel tipped so you can knit at a nice little clip and get a beautiful tension.
Tiny circulars perfect for sock knitting!
I have been working on a pair of socks (using a toe up technique I learned from Liane at Knitomatic). The yarn by the way is Noro Kureyon Sock. We have all the best sizes for sock knitting in stock for 9.99 -- here is the link for online shopping: Hiya Hiya Needles

Meanwhile we have a small mystery. Sandy bought a vintage sewing bin and inside was this Olfa Maru fabric cutter. Our best guess is that it is a first version of a rotary cutter. Has anyone seen one before?


Betweens said...

If only I can knit socks that looks so practical to make socks rather than the double pointed!!
The rotary cutter looks like a safety hazzard!! your hand is pretty close to the blade!!LOL never saw one before

Marian said...

I believe the Maru cutter is used for cutting carpet, linoleum, cardboard, etc.

You can adjust the depth of the cut so as not to damage the surface underneath.