Wednesday, June 26, 2013

101 Fabulous Small Quilts @ Sew Sisters this Summer!

We love this new book we have on our shelves right now 101 Fabulous Small Quilts from That Patchwork Place. It's a beautiful book filled with great projects, inspiration, information and stunning small quilts and mini quilts.

We decided that we would make quilts from this book this summer!
Through the summer we will blog about the Small Quilts we are making and we'll introduce you to the people making them! You'll get a chance to meet the staff at Sew Sisters and get to know them a little better!

Sue's Indigo Blue and White

We first met Sue when she took an appliqué class with Jeannie.  It is impossible not to smile when Sue is in the room - she is that rare soul that brings out the best in everyone around her.  We are so grateful that she came to class and stayed!

Sue chose the Indigo Blue and White quilt by Kathleen Tracy. 

The small quilt measures 14.5" X 18.5" finished.
Each block is a finished 4" square.

  1. How long have you been quilting?
    12 Years
  2. What are you most drawn to about quilting?
    The creative part - the pattern and the color of fabrics.
  3. What are you currently working on?
    A Civil War Lap Quilt.
  4. What's your favorite dessert?
    Lemon Meringue Pie!
  5. What toppings do you put on your hamburger?
    Tomato and Ketchup
  6. How long have you worked at Sew Sisters?
    2 years
  7. What do you do at the store?
    Retail Sales
  8. Do you have pets? What kind?
    Not now but I had a King Charles Spaniel called Champ.
  9. What's your other favorite thing to do besides quilting?
    I like shopping at flea markets and antique stores.
  10. What's your favorite notion or gadget?
    I love my quilting gloves.
Sue with her finished Indigo Blue and White Quilt

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Sew Kind of Wonderful Giveaway is

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Great post Love the chance to win one of these patterns I'll keep my fingers crossed.

You will receive an email from us very soon! 

Thank You for commenting everyone. 
You can pick up your own Quick Curve Ruler and Patterns and join the curved piecing party here: Quick Curve Ruler and Patterns 

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Jenny Pedigo from Sew Kind of Wonderful

If you haven't tried out the Quick Curve Ruler and Patterns by Jenny Pedigo from Sew Kind of Wonderful you are missing out on the curved piecing party! Jenny's Quick Curve Ruler has made cutting and piecing curved blocks a breeze and with the many patterns she produces you'll never run out of curved piecing projects! We got in touch with Jenny who graciously accepted our invitation to do an interview for our readers. 

Jenny Pedigo

  1. We brought in your Quick Curve Ruler and patterns into our store and we love them! Tell us how you got started. Where did the inspiration for this ruler come from?

    One day I was playing around with a curve shape and realized the endless designs created by a curve but knew I didn't want to create patterns with templates. When the ruler idea came to my head I knew it was something different and possibly something that would make cutting curves easier. I had never sewed curves before and after sewing my first curve, I ended up squaring the curved block up and that's why the Quick Curve Ruler is a square up ruler too.

Giveaway at In My Sewing Room

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kona Club Challenge June Giveaway Winner!

The Winner of the Kona Club Challenge - Giveaway is:

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                 thanks for the chance

Congratulations Barbara Woods!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Kona Club Challenge - Quilted Fabric Basket by Tabatha @ Bending Pins

Tabatha  from Bending Pins took the Kona Club Challenge this month. Tabatha used the colors we sent out in September 2012 for Kona Club and made this fun and useful Quilted Fabric Basket. Make one of these to store all your sewing supplies and pretty up your home using this great tutorial! Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win the fat quarters used in this project! 

Quilted Fabric Basket

Tabatha & Cookie
I started sewing clothes as a teen, as many did in home ec class then attended Champlain College and the Ottawa School of Art in the fine arts of painting, printing and sculpting. My mother taught arts and crafts at our local summer camp, and taught me how to knit and crochet. My father is also very crafty, his main passion is wood working but has also dabbled in stained glass and leather work. I'm the only child of three who has inherited my parent's love of creating. Quilting is a relatively new passion which started a year and a half ago, following in the footsteps of my paternal grandmother, who was, in my opinion, a master quilter. I can only hope to live up to her talents one day.

Baskets can be used for a plethora of tasks, I like to use mine to transport items that need hand finishing from my sewing room in the basement, to the living room on the main floor, where I can hand sew while watching T.V. I also use my quilted baskets to hold magazines or even so that items in my car don't roll around or get lost.
For this example, I used 5 log cabin blocks 10 & 1/2” x 10 & 1/2” and 5 improv blocks. You can use any 5 quilt blocks you like or simply cut 10 pieces of fabric, 5 pieces for the exterior and 5 pieces for the interior.

(Once you know how this goes together, you may wish to change your fabric and there are construction options.)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Natalie's Quilt As You Go Quilt!

We love it when participants from our classes bring in their finished quilts and we can't help but show them off!

Natalie just stopped by to show us the quilt she made after taking Jeannie's Quilt As You Go Class.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

Love those bright pinks!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sale on Art Gallery Fabrics!

Absolutely gorgeous fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics and they're only $6.99 per metre!
 Now isn't that a great way to kick off the summer!

 Click here to start shopping! : Art Gallery Fabrics

Alhambra II by Pat Bravo

Alhambra II brings back some of the designs from Pat's first Alhambra collection with a modern twist on the color palettes that will transport you to a different world. This new Alhambra is more vibrant but still delicate, keeping the concept of urban nature.
Click here to purchase: Alhambra II by Pat Bravo for only $6.99 per metre.

Botanica by Pat Bravo

Garden inspired fabrics that reflect nature's organic essence…. A fusion of branches, leaves, blossoms, flowers and captivating color palettes bring about a unique appeal to these prints. This collection reflects an unconventional approach to traditional florals.
Click here to purchase: Botanica by Pat Bravo  for only $6.99 per metre.

Color Splash from the AGF Studio 

 Play with nature in a new, bold, and vibrant palette of colors. A funky twist concept that will infuse you with tonnes of ideas. Abstract flowers & fruits, playful dots and wavy lines with a spontaneous approach that will add excitement to your next project.
Click here to purchase: Color Splash from the AGF Studio for only $6.99 per metre.

Revive by Pat Bravo

Escape from the pressures of life and refresh your senses through soothing colors and trendy designs. Use these fabrics around your home as quilts and home décor products to accentuate a restful ambiance.
Click here to purchase: Revive by Pat Bravo for only $6.99 per metre. 

And More!