Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 4

Another week, another block done. We are still early in this journey but the enthusiasim is building. I noticed in the comments that golfergranny said she has already picked out her sashing. Love to see pictures of the fabric. It might help get the creative juices flowing for the rest of us. You know when you go to a quilt show and see the most beautiful quilt, and the colours in it are the last thing you would choose but it looks fabulous? It gets us thinking outside of the box.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to vote. I was having a hard time making the decision as to which colour way to do. Stonehenge is the winner! Now I will have to get caught up.

I thought I would show what we have done so far. That's the 1930s on the left and Stonehenge on the right.  We are only 4 blocks in so if you want to regsiter it will be easy enough to catch up!

This was todays block: Blazing Trail
This weeks block is Blazing Trail; it was a fun one block to do. It was a little more time consuming than the others, but it came together nicely. I pieced the Stonehenge block first. I constructed the four nine patch units individually then assembled them together to make one large block.

I did the 30's block in class and thought I might speed things up by strip piecing but I found the pressing got confusing.

I pieced together the three columns and then assembled them into a block. It was worth the try but in the future I will stick to the tried and true pattern.

Congratulations Magnolia, you are the winner of the draw this week. Email us to claim your prize.

This week tell us a funny quilting story, either a boo boo you made or something that happened when you were quilting and we will draw for a free fat quarter. I know I have a few good stories -

Happy Quilting! Jeannie

Amy Butler, Erin McMorris (and more!) Sale

Erin McMorris's Weekend Collection
We have moved more fabulous fabric to our Clearance Area including a large group of Amy Butler, Erin McMorris' Weekend Collection and some other modern, bright prints from Free Spirit. They are priced at only $6.99/metre.

Modern Prints From Free Spirit

Amy Butler -  Now on Sale

Click here to see our newest Clearance Items: Clearance (New in January)

Click here to see all of our Clearance Items: Clearance

Click here to see the Amy Butler Sale Items:  Amy Butler (Sale) (New in January)

Click here to purchase Erin McMorris's Weekends on sale:  Weekends (New in January) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Delbert and Leona Block of the Month

We have a beautiful block of the month program beginning in February.  Delbert and Leona is a gorgeous large scale quilt which we will make with the outstanding Stonehenge Collection of Fabrics from Northcott.

This quilt was designed by Chris Hoover and is made using a variety of different blocks to create this stunning quilt that will blend in well with many home decors. The construction of this quilt requires the Easy Angle and Companion Angle acrylic templates which we will include with the first month's block. The finished quilt measures 104" x 104".

During this 12-month Block of the Month program, you will receive the pattern and fabrics needed to make the quilt top including binding. There is a $25 non-refundable start-up fee, then only $29.95 per month plus 3.75 shipping and handling (within Canada) for each kit. This program will begin in February, 2012.

Click here to register online:  Delbert and Leona Block of the Month

If you haven't joined already -  Dancing With The Stars is another Block of the Month that just started this month. 
Dancing With The Stars, spotlights paper-pieced, 12" star blocks designed by Carol Doak.

You'll be amazed as you step onto the dance floor, and take a spin with this striking, stellar-inspired quilt. Each block is named for a gorgeous ballroom dance like, the Viennese Waltz, the Foxtrot, and even the Cha Cha, and proudly shows off the brilliance of Hoffman's batik fabrics.

The setting, designed by Deb Luttrell of Stitchin' Heaven, features a chain block, and two borders, framing this stunning quilt with simple elegance. Like stars on a dance floor, these beautiful, batik blocks will have you mesmerized, as they sparkle and shine with each step of the dance.

During this 13-month program, you will receive the patterns and fabrics needed to make the quilt top including borders and binding. The finished quilt measures 80" x 92". There is a $25 non-refundable start-up fee, then only $24.95 per month plus 3.75 shipping and handling (within Canada) for each kit. This program has just begun.

Click here to register today:  Dancing with the Stars Block of the Month

Did you know... that you can subscribe to as many Block of the Month Programs as you wish and pay only $3.75 postage per month?

Did you know... that if you pay for your full program up front we will waive the registration fee?

New Fabric Groupings

Well we are working hard to unpack that "tonne" of fabric that came in the store last week.

We have moved the following really nice selection to Clearance for only 6.99/metre.  There are prints by Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Brandon Mabley amongst others ... and don't forget there will be a "tonne" more to come!

Pin It

Click here to shop our Clearance SEction where you will find hundreds of bolts of top quality fabric for only $6.99/metre:  Clearance Fabric

Next up is a small group from Northcott entitled Dragonfly Daze.  These graphic prints in brown, black and beige would be phenomenal for totes and garments!
Click here to shop online:  Dragonfly Daze

Finally we have a group from Moda that features some really pretty blenders and tonals.  It is called Northern Cardinal and is only $10.99/metre.

Click here to shop online:  Northern Cardinal

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 3

Best Press - Caribbean Beach Hi everyone;   Third block done, 49 more to go.  I know this might sound daunting, but really, spend one morning a week  make a block and a year later you will have a beautiful quilt.  This morning in the sew along we discussed the fact  most small sewing groups that get together, work by hand.  And when you work by machine it is more isolating.  To get together with machines and sew and socialize, the block came together in no time. With the buzzing of the machines you really feel productive.  We still have room if you want to join us.  For those of you that are following along online, try a machine get-together with a quilting friend.
 Betweens had a question last week about the size of the block.  It will be 7 1/2"  finished.  There are 50 blocks in the quilt, and you will be making 52. 

We had lots of responses to last weeks question, and I think every 30's color had a mention.  Congratulations LM you are the winner.  Email us to claim your prize.
The tip of the week comes from Gail, one of our sew along members.  She has been using Best Press on all of her fabrics.   It is a starch alternative. I love it for applique but never thought to use it for piecing.  Her blocks are so crisp.  She also said she waters it down a little so it goes farther. I think I will have to try this.
Stonehenge Fundamentals -  Week 3
1930s Fundamentals -  Week 3
I think it is time for another giveaway.  I am still torn about which colourway to do for myself.  I love them both.  I would love to do both of them but I think that is a little over ambitious.  I have decided to let you choose.   The majority rules.  So let us know what your vote is and we will draw for a fat quarter.  Good luck everyone, see you next week.  Jeannie

New Fabric Groupings

Last week I told you about the tonne of new fabric that came in and suggested that since Arnold Schwartzenegger was newly unemployed that he might want to come in and help us. Well as it turned out we have someone even better working for us and her name is Carol! She is working hard to get all the fabric up and online as quickly as it comes in. Here are three new groups!
We just got in all twenty eight colors of the new Fusions Mist prints from Robert Kaufman and they are absolutely gorgeous.  These are sure to become a "go-to" collection for really great-looking and useful blenders.  Click here to purchase them online:  Fusions Mist
The next group that came in is called Sonora and is from Benartex.  These prints have a contemporary feel and would work well in quilts as well as home-dec projects.  They are priced at only $10.99/metre. 
Click here to purchase them online:  Sonora

The third group is an adorable, very fresh looking group from Hoffman called Fanciful Flight.  These prints are accented with metallic lustre and would be lovely in a girl's quilt. 
Click here to purchase them online:  Fanciful Flight.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Much is a Tonne?

I know that I am always writing that we just got in a "tonne of new fabric".  It is just one of my favourite expressions.  Well this week we literally got in a tonne of fabric...that is 2,275 pounds of it! 

Jeannie says we need to hire a big  guy to help us!  Arnold Schwarzenegger is newly out of office...maybe he wants the job!
Stay tuned folks -  we'll put them up online and in the shop as fast as we can!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 2

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for your feedback on our first block.  I was quite surprised, I really thought that the thirties would take this one.  It was a close race, but in the end stonehenge won  the popularity contest.
We just finished the second sew along and it is so much fun to see the blocks come together.   You will notice on page 2 of your directions the diagram indicates which way to press your seams. This really takes the guess work out of things.  It means your seams will lock together and make it much easier to assemble the block.

I promised last week that we would  draw for a free fat quarter if you posted a comment.  Congratulations Chris,  you are the winner and since you preferred the 30's colourway you will receive a 30's fat quarter.  Just send us an email to claim your prize. 
These are the results of week 2.
I think we need to hear from some of the 30's fans.  I know you are out there.  Post a comment letting us know what your  favorite 30's colour is.  And we will draw for another fat quarter next  week.  Don't forget it is still not too late to join us for the fun we still have 50 weeks to go.  Bye for now,  Jeannie

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 1

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you are as excited as I am to start the New Year off participating in the sew along.  If you haven't already signed up there is still time.  My only New Year's resolution this year  is  that I will be here every Wednesday for the next 52 weeks to walk you through the blocks in this quilt.

There are two colourways to choose from, Stonehenge and the 30's fabrics.   When I was asked to do this project I thought it would be a  perfect project for the Stonehenge line. But I have to admit the thirties line looks fantastic as well.  See for yourself.
We will start off with some easy blocks just to get our feet wet, then slowly move into the more complex blocks.  The first block is a variation of the nine patch.  I must say after many  years of strip piecing nine patch blocks I really enjoyed putting them together square by square.  It forces you to slow it down and my accuracy improved. 

To achieve a really accurate block you need to perfect your 1/4" seam allowance.  An exact 1/4" seam is one of the keys to getting perfect blocks everytime.

If you have a quarter inch foot for your machine, this is the time to use it.  It will look something like this:

 The new ones have a guide on the right side of the foot that keeps you fabric aligned.  If you don't have one you might consider picking one up from your machine dealer. 

If you don't have the foot another great way to get an accurate 1/4" seam is to measure over a quarter of an inch from your needle and place a piece of Sewing Edge on the bed of your machine and it too will guide your fabric.  I have used  painters tape in the past to do this job but the Sewing Edge  won't leave any residue on your machine and they are reusable so they are a very useful tool!

Pressing as you go is  also very important, not only does it keeps things looking neat and tidy, visually you will be able to see if you are being accurate if everything is lying flat.  It will also help you when it comes to piecing.  If you press your seams to the dark side then when you assemble them they will lock together where the seams meet.  It really is a great trick.

I look forward to seeing you all next week for block number two.  And there is plenty of time if you still want to join the fun!

 Now I think it is time for a giveaway.  Post a comment telling us which colourway you like the best and we will draw for a free fat quarter next Wednesday.  Remember what you voted for,  you never know once you see the quilt blocks unfold you might change your mind.  I have to figure out which one I am going to do.  My first thought was both, but that might be too much.  Stay tuned.  Yes, this New Year's resolution is much better than last years. Cheers!!  See you next week for block number two more tips and tricks and maybe a surprise or two,

To register for the Fundamentals Sew Along Click Here:

Fundamentals Block of the Week - Pay in Full

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Clearance Fabric

I just finished adding a tonne of new fabric to the Clearance Area!  Check it out to find 100s of different fabrics for only $6.99/metre.  These are all top quality quilt shop prints from your favourite manufacturers!

Click here to see what was new in December:  New in December
Click here to see what was just added:  New In January
Click here to see our massive Clearance Area:  Clearance