Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - 9

Hi Everyone.
I hope you all had a great week and that you had a little time to sew.  The Sew Sisters Annual Retreat was last weekend with 2  1/2 days of non-stop sewing.  I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!  It was a great group of ladies.  I got 6 of my fundamental blocks done, so I am almost caught up.

This weeks block is an easy one, you will be able to whip this one up in no time.  It is called Friendship Star.
Friendship Star Block
Tip:  There are a variety of paper triangles products to simplify piecing half square triangles. Use 2  1/2" finished size half square triangles to make the triangle squares in this block.

If you haven't yet joined, drop by the store and see the finished blocks, I am sure you will be inspired.  For all of the out of towners,  I will post our progress.  It is still not to late to join.  I look forward to seeing you all next week.  Happy stitching.  Jeannie


Well, here we are! The last of the entries to the Bargain Lovers Contest! The Bargain Lovers Contest is now officially closed. We're sending out a special THANK YOU to everyone who participated! This has been a lot of fun and we are thrilled to have been able to see all your wonderful projects made with Bargain Lover's fabric. We're going to open voting soon so follow the blog to stay updated. Here are today's entries.

Mary McDonaldYellow Brick Road
Mary used one fat quarter pack from The Bargain Lover's Club and a coordinating border, with no waste using the leftovers for the binding.

Michele Timms - Colour Prism 

Krista McIntosh - Pin Cushion with Detachable Thread Catcher.

Krista McIntosh - Detachable Thread Catcher.

Heather Pearson - Pink Morning Fabric Postcards 

Michele Timms - Rainbow Wall Hanging 

Regina Streicher - Trellised Flowers 

Michele Timms - Val's Retirement Gift
Michele mentions that this table runner is very similar to  her other entry - Jess and Ted's Wedding Gift - but the quilting is different. 

Joanne Southam - Large Table Topper 
Joanne made this table topper for her living room. 
Joanne Southam - Small Table Topper
Joanne made this table topper for her living room. 
Pat Allen - Fireflies in the Garden
Pat writes, "I love the fabric selections I have received and look forward to a special treat in my mail box once a month!"
Pat Allen - Snapshots of Simple Pleasures
Pat writes, "This pattern is from the Happy Hour book by Terry Atkinson Designs.  It is set 5 blocks wide by 6 rows long = 43 & 1/2 " wide x 52 & 1/2 " long.  I love the results!"
Joanne Southam - Baby quilt.
Joanne writes, "It's with the bugs fabric and the mommy was thrilled
to receive it - she loves bugs it turns out." 
Cathy Loos - King Tut
Cathy is a big fan of King Tut and she made this quilt for herself. The Seniors Centre in Dutton  displayed the quilt for a couple of weeks at their centre. 
Catherine Godwin - Twinklingo Stars 
Catherine says, "I had played with that star design for ages and ages and couldn't find anything I liked that really made the stars twinkle. Then that bundle (it was a Northcott line, but I can't remember which) came and it worked perfectly -- wonderfully twinkling stars.  And I have enough left from each of the FQ to make another quilt with them, which I've already begun.

The Bargain Lovers Club is the highlight of the week it arrives!   I love getting those packages in the mail! 
Michele Timms - Sandra's Skinny Quilt

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fat Quarter Froggy Tutorial

Did you play with bean bag frogs as a kid -  we did and they bring back "hoppy" memories.

Jeannie made this little guy and wrote up the tutorial. You can find the pattern below. Download it to your computer and print it out. There are two pages and you need to join them so the lines meet. Don't overlap the paper. Just place them so the edges touch and the two lines that have been drawn meet.

What you need:
  • A fat quarter of your choice. We've used  Stonehenge - Maui
  • Two and a half cups of dried Black Beans. 
  • Two buttons for eyes. (You could also make eyes out of felt or fabric)
  • Fat Quarter Froggy Pattern (Download available at the end of the post)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pencil to mark the pattern if you're not using freezer paper
  • Freezer Paper (optional)

Fold the fat quarter in half wrong side out so it measures approximately 18.5 X 10.5 inches.  
Click here to printout the frog pattern:  Frog Pattern

Pin the frog pattern to the wrong side of the fabric. If you're using freezer paper place the waxy side on your fabric and iron so it sticks. This will keep your pattern from slipping.
Cut on the outer line.
Pin the limbs so your fabrics stay in place.
Sew almost all the way around leaving a small opening. The dotted lines on your pattern signify where you need to leave the opening to fill the frog with beans. 

When you are finished sewing clip the corners of the frog's outer fingers close to the seam. 
Make small cuts with your scissors on the seam allowance along the curves of the frog - which is pretty much around the whole frog! This will give the frog a better shape when it's finished.


Turn right side out. I started with pushing one of the frogs legs through the opening first, then the other leg and then the hands.
Since the opening is fairly small I made a small paper funnel to tuck into the opening so I could pour the beans into it. 

It took a little more than 2 cups of black beans for this project. Don't overfill or your frog won't be able to do any cool poses and won't feel as good. :)
Hand stitch the opening shut. 
Sew buttons on for eyes or make little felt eyes and you're done!
And now its time to play! 

Happy Froggy!

Not so happy Froggy!

OK! We have an attitude!

Just Kidding! :)

I think I'll lounge for a bit. 

Bargain Lovers Contest Countdown Day 2 - More!

Yes. We have more! The Bargain Lovers Contest ends tomorrow so send in your entries to quick! If you haven't signed up for The Bargain Lover's Club go here.

Ellen Marcinkowski - Gratitude
Ellen made this bed-sized quilt for her friend. She says, " 
I made it for someone who helped me to have, and to see that I have courage, when I really needed it. She was so touched when I gave it to her that it brought tears to her eyes."

Ellen Marcinkowski - Courage
Ellen made a smaller version of Gratitude from extra blocks and leftovers and calls it Courage. She says. "Courage will be staying with me as a reminder that I do have courage and that I am strong."
Marion Knights 
Heather Pearson - Wall Hanging
Heather is making this for the current BOM project at her local guild. She's used the brightest fabrics from The Bargain Lover's Club. 

Bargain Lovers Contest Countdown - Day 2 Post II

It's getting hotter at the Bargain Lovers Contest! We received a whole bunch of entries over the weekend hence the second post for the day. We love all the stuff you guys are sending in. You still have till tomorrow to send in your entries so don't hesitate!

If you want to join the fun at The Bargain Lover's Club go here.

Anne Howes  - African Women Wall HangingAnne loves making African quilts and wall hangings. She wants the wall hangings to look like pictures torn out of a magazine.  She  is 91. Her daughter Karen sent us this entry. She says, "Getting the bundles of fabric from your shop each month is such a wonderful treat for her - it was my Mother's Day gift and it is a gift that keeps on giving! Anytime a sewer comes to visit she hauls all of the packages out and shows them off!  She has been reluctant to take the packages apart because they are so pretty so she has been using the fabric sparingly; she repackages everything so it looks the way it did when it arrived!"

Anne Howes - Tulips Wall Hanging
Anne loves to garden but getting out in the winter can be a challenge. This tulips are her way of gardening even in the winter. 
Regina Streicher - Coffee-themed Placemats 12"X 16"

Regina Streicher - Coffee-themed Mug Rugs 7"X 9"

Regina Streicher - Summer 

Sandy Veenstra
What's black and white and red all over?
A bag made for my friend from the blacks and whites and a few reds too.
(pattern: Hopscotch Quilt shop)
Frances Chislett - Quilt for Two-year old niece
The pattern is called Y In The Road

Krista McIntosh

Bargain Lovers Contest Countdown - Day 2!

Only 2 days to go to the end of the Bargain Lovers Contest! If you're not signed up for The Bargain Lover's Club check it out here.
We send you 10 fat quarters every month for only $18.99!!!
And here's the proof of the pudding. Look at what all these lovely ladies have been able to make out of their Bargain Lover's fabric!

Make sure you follow the blog so you know when voting begins on our website.

Michele Timms - Disappearing Nine Patch Table Topper 

Sandra Veenstra 

Michele Timms - Lou's Monogram Pillow

Nancy Wright 
Nancy writes: I have just had great fun with January's Bargain Lovers fat quarters. The binding is made from strips of each of the fat quarters. I used all 10 blocks from January's fabrics and added two of my own - green and yellow.  Beautiful quality fabrics and well coordinated.  Many thanks!

Cathy Loos