Sunday, February 28, 2010

Medal Count 26: Men's Hockey Team Wins Gold

What a game! What an ending Sidney Crosby gets the goal in overtime - it couldn't have been any better! My sons and husband are jumping around all over the place and I had to scramble away to put another prize in the basket! It's a biggie this time...a Thimblerries thread collection worth $25! It contains 6 mini king cones in the best thimbleberries colors!

Altogether our basket is now worth well over $200! We will draw a name in the morning so you have until 9 am tomorrow morning to place an order to get your name in the basket.
Congratulations to all our athletes! We have had a phenomenal time and are bursting with pride over our medal showing!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Medal Count 25 ... Isnt' this amazing?

Four more medals today and many congratulations to our wonderful athletes!

I am just in awe of our athletes we are doing so well! We are just bursting with pride!
Jasey Jay Anderson has won a gold medal in Snowboard - Men's Parallel Giant Slalom - congratulations! In honour of that we will put in a fat quarter of a wonderful fabric from Northcott that has gold accents!
Another gold medal was won in Speed Skating - Men's Team Pursuit by Mathieu Girous, Lucas Makowsky and Denny Morrison! And for them we will put in a co-ordinating fabric with gold highlights!
Our wonderful men's curling team also won a gold medal! Way to go! So of course in goes another gold metallic fat quarter!
On the bobsleigh, Lascelles Brown, David Bissett, Chris Bihan and Lynddon Rush have won a bronze medal. We are adding a bronze toned fabric to the prize basket!

Medal Count 21 ... Four Medals to Report

We were transfixed by curling yesterday evening and the medal came down to the last stone! Congratulations to the women's team for winning silver!

We are going to put a lovely Christmas panel into the basket ... no reason in particular...just because it is pretty.

Here is the link to purchase it online: Christmas Tree Panel
It was really a great day for men's speed skating - by the end of it we had three medals and two of those were Gold!
In men's short track speed skating: Gold went to Charles Hamelin and Bronze went to Francois-Louis Tremblay.
The men's relay team also took home gold! Congratulations gentleman.

Into the prize bucket goes two pieces from the Jennifer Paganelli's Bell Bottoms collection - it is so cute and fresh and we have tonnes of it on sale now for $6.99! Here is the link to shop online: Bell Bottoms

Friday, February 26, 2010

Medal Count: 17 An Emotional Win for Joannie Rochette

Joannie has done her Mom and the whole nation proud by winning the bronze medal last night. I feel so proud of Joannie and I hope she knows how much support she has behind her! There aren't many people as strong as Joannie.

In honour of Joannie and her late mother let us add in a piece of this wonderful butterfly fabric from Lakehouse.

Here is the link if you wish to purchase it online:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Medal Count 16 ... It's a Gold for the Women's Hockey Team

Open up your windows and you will hear cheers across the nation tonight - the women's team has won a gold medal for Canada! It is so exciting! Into the prize basket goes a hockey themed pillowcase kit!

Stellar Quilts - New Book from Judy Martin

Stellar Quilts is a title we have been looking forward to for a long time. In Stellar Quilts Judy Martin does for stars what she did for Log Cabins: she creates breathtaking beautiful quilts and explains clearly how to make them. 12 new patterns, multiple sizes, Alternate colorings, accurate yardage. In stock now! Here is the link to purchase it online: Stellar Quilts.

Medal Count: 15 ...What a Day - What a Celebration!

Oh my goodness... what a day the medal count has soared to 15!

Here are all the winners:

For women's bobsleigh Heather Moyse and Kaillie Humphries have won gold AND Shelley Ann Brown and Helen Upperton have won silver!
Into the basket goes four half metres cuts of beautiful background fabrics from Northcott... Here are the links if you want to purchase them online:

Barely There - Blush Floral
Barely There - Celery Acanthus Leaf
Barely There - Celery Swirl Dot
Barely There - Powder Blue Swirls

While I was adding those to the baskets -- one of our customers, Jennifer, told me that Heather is from PEI and that we have a fat quarter that is the perfect color for PEI dirt! so I adding that in as well!
The Ladies relay team has won silver for short track speed skating! We are putting in one of our beautiful cedar ruler racks!

Last but certainly not least Clara Hughes has won bronze for Ladies 500 metre speed skating ... way to go Clara Hughes! We are adding in a fat quarter of this lovely red and white print from Makower: Red and White Saturn Circles

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Medal Count: 11 Ashleigh McIvor Wins Gold!

Ashleigh - this is fantastic news - congratulations on the gold medal win in Ladies' Ski Cross!

I'm feeling great about this latest round of medals so I am putting in one of our promotional bundles of fat quarters (you get 20 fat quarters for $25) ! That's right ladies thanks to Ashleigh's amazing run I just added 20 fat quarters to the prize basket!

Would you like to purchase a promotional bundle for yourself? Here is the link:

20 for $25 . Our bundles contain a great assortment of fabrics from all your favourite manufacturers: Northcott, RJR, South Seas, Windham, Free Spirit and more!

Medal Count: 10 Huge Win for Canada in Ice Dance

Such exciting news that Scott and Tessa have won the first ever North American Olympic Gold Medal in Ice Dance! What a pair and what a win! Way to go!

In honour of this spectacular win I have added two prizes into the basket ... a panel featuring dancers and a pair of scissors! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Medal Count: 9 Kristina Groves Brings Home Another One!

Wow Kristina you are making us so proud of you! Another medal win this time a silver in the ladies 1500 metre speed skating!

It is time to load up the Olympic celebration basket again! This time let's put in a spool of red and a spool of white thread from Gutterman!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Medal Count 8: Jon Montgomerey Earns a Gold

Alright - great news Jon Montgomery has won a gold medal in Men's Skeleton! I missed the action but was elated to see it in the news this morning - way to go Jon!

It must be time to add something new to the Olympic Celebration basket! Let's do something funky today and put in a piece of Amy Butler Fabric!

Did you you we are running a promotion on Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett? They are just 9.99/metre! Here are the links to shop online!

Kaffe Fassett

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Medal Count 7: It's Gold for Christine Nesbitt

Big - big news this afternoon Christine Nesbitt has won gold for Ladies 1000 metre speed skating - woo hoo!

Let's see what we should throw into the prize basket about a half metre cut of a beautiful Canadian print designed by Thimbleberries! If you need it for your own stash you can purchase it online using this link:
With all the Olympic excitement we have been quiet about the goings on in the store! Sandy and I have been very busy unpacking ... 20 crates of fabric. With the store so much bigger now we are increasing our fabric inventory by about 25%! Isn't that exciting news? We are adding tonnes of stuff to the clearance wall basically on a daily is the link to all our fabric priced at under $6.99/metre: Clearance Fabric
Remember at Sew Sisters the prices are low but the quality is always top notch!

Medal Count: 6 Congratulations Marianne St. Gelais

I woke up this morning to great news Marianne St. Gelais has won a silver medal for 500 metre short track speed skating. We are so proud of you Marianne! This means another prize goes in our Olympic Celebration prize basket and this time it is a white on white background fabric fat quarter bundle.

These fabrics are so useful and you get 5 fat quarters for only $7.49! If you wish to add them to your stash here is the link: White on White Fat Quarter Bundle

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medal Count 5: Congratulations Maelle Ricker

Maelle Ricker has wond gold in the women's snowboard cross! Into the basket of my all time favourite patterns: Crazy Eights . This quick and easy pattern takes just 8 fat quarters and looks great when made up!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Medal Count: 4 --- Way to Go Mike Robertson

Well it is time to offer a big round of applause to Mike Robertson who has won a silver medal in Men's Snowboard Cross! It is also time to throw another prize into our basket! This time let's make it a package of 5 inch charms from Moda: Spring Magic Charm Pack
Click here to buy them now: href=""Spring Magic Charm Pack . Everyone who purchases anything from the shop (online or in person) between now and the closing ceremonies will have their name entered to win the basket - the more medals our athletes earn ... the more goodies go in the basket!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medal Count: 3 Felicitations to Alexandre Bilodeau

Wow - Canada's first gold medal was won by Alexandre Bilodeau - felicitations Alexandre - we are so proud of you!

Into the prize basket goes...a package of gold-eye Clover needles!

Medal Count: 2 Congratulations to Kristina Groves

Woo Hoo - we won a bronze medal while I was at supper! This time around Kristina Groves won bronze in 3000 metre speed skating. Let's throw the matching Innukshuk fabric into the basket!

Click here to add this fabric to your own stash today: Royal Blue Innukshuk

Medal Count: 1 - Congratulations Jennifer Heil!

Jennifer Heil has won a silver medal in Women's Moguls! Congratulations Jennifer!

That kicks off our prize basket ... the first thing going in will be an Innukshuk fat quarter from the Winter Sports Collection by Northcott!

Click here to purchase the Red Innukshuk fabric for your stash!

Olympic Celebration Prize Bundle!

I don't know about all of you but our TV is just about overheating - between the Olympics and the Basketball All Stars Weekend - the set has been running non-stop.

To celebrate the Olympics and cheer on our athletes we have decided to run an Olympic Celebration Prize Basket contest. Here's how it will work...every time a Canadian athlete wins a medal we will add another prize into the basket. Every time you make make a purchase between now and the closing ceremonies we will enter your name into the drawing. At the end we will draw a name and give away the basket. I have heard predictions for 20 - 30 medals this time around so that will be a spectacular prize if our athletes can pull it off! You can follow the latest news here:

This is going to be a tonne of fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They're Back...20 Fat Quarter for $25!

For a limited time enjoy a special fat quarter promotion!
20 fat quarters from our huge selection of clearance fabric for only $25.00!

Click here to purchase them today:
20 for $25

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show Your Patriotism

Finished Size 12" x 60"

With the Olympics just around the corner why not make up this beautiful Canadian table runner to show your patriotism?

Fabric requirements:
0.4 metres Kona White
0.75 metres Kona Tomato Red
0.6 m wonder under
0.7 backing fabric

Cutting Instructions:
Cut 3 x 12.5 squares of Kona White
Cut 4 x 6.5" x 12.5" rectangles of Kona Tomato Red
Cut 4 2.5" by width of fabric strips of Kona Red for binding

Assembly Instructions:
1. Print out both sides of this maple leaf pattern. Fold and tape together to form the maple leaf. 2. Trace the leaf onto the wonder under. You will need three leaf appliqués.
3. Fuse the wonder under to the red fabric.
4. Cut out the maple leaves.
5. Fuse the leaves to the centre of the three white squares. You may stitch around the perimeter of the leaves if you wish to stabilize the edge of the appliqué shape.
6. Assemble the table runner according to the diagram below.

7. Quilt as desired and bind.

If you have any questions regarding use of this pattern or assembly of this item please contact Judy.

Duplication of this pattern is not permitted. You may link to this page from your website but you may not copy text or graphics from this page.

If you would like to purchase a kit to make this project here is the link: Canadian Flag Wallhanging Kit.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sale Fabrics

We just moved a nice group of fabric to the clearance section -- some gorgeous florals and some cute novelties too! All priced at only $6.99/metre.

Monday, February 1, 2010

How A Sewing Machine Works

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words than a gif is worth a million words...this is how a sewing machine works! Coolio!

(via Oliver + S via Swiss Miss via Dossier).