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Friday, April 12, 2013

Kona Club Challenge - Laptop Case Tutorial by M-R Charbonneau

We're happy to bring you the second Kona Club Challenge tutorial! 
The Kona Club Challenge is a little something we started here at Sew Sisters. Since we send delicious Kona Solids each month to our Kona Club members, we thought it would be fun to share tutorials for projects using those solids. 

We approached quilting bloggers from the wonderful blogging universe and "challenged" them to design and create a project and a tutorial using four fat quarters from the Kona Solids we have sent out each month on Kona Club. 

Today we are excited to have M-R Charbonneau from Quilt Matters bring you a great tutorial for an Improv-Pieced Laptop Case Tutorial.

Laptop Case Tutorial

Welcome to the next tutorial in the Kona Club Challenge series. I’m M-R Charbonneau and I blog at Quilt Matters. I’m based in Ottawa and have been quilting for about 15 years now. I love experimenting and trying new things – modern quilting, art quilting, surface design, etc. I hope you come visit me on my blog and check out my other tutorials.

I’m a big fan of solid fabrics so when Sew Sisters approached me to do this tutorial, I instantly said yes! I’ve been wanting to make an improv-pieced laptop case for some time and thought the October Kona Club Challenge palette would be perfect. I love the value changes that this palette gives. I added some Kona Snow for one more value change, which I think gives it a great pop.

This laptop case tutorial is based on my laptop, which is 14.5” long by 9.5” wide by 1” tall. If your laptop is significantly different in size, you may want to adjust the measurements you’ll find below. I've indicated several spots where you might want to adjust the sizes for your own computer. Please read through all of the instructions before making this case. Also, I've used a ¼” seam allowance throughout unless otherwise indicated.

Materials Needed

Cutting Directions

      1. From Kona - Charcoal, cut:
  •     12” by the length of the fat quarter (LOF) (22-23”) for the outer laptop case top.
  •      4” by the LOF (22-23”) for the outer laptop case top.
  •      Save the scraps for the outer laptop case top.
2. From Kona - Coal, cut:
  •      3.5" by 11" for the inside flap. 
  •      4 uneven strips 1.5" - 2.5" wide by the LOF (22 - 23") for the outer laptop case top. 
3. From the Kona - Iron, cut:
  •      2 – 3” by the LOF (22-23”) for the outer laptop case top
  •      4 uneven strips 1.5”-2.5” wide by the LOF (22-23”) for the outer laptop case top.
4. From Kona - Snow,  cut:
  •       4 uneven strips 1.5”-2.5” wide by the LOF (22-23”) for the outer laptop case top.
5.  From the Black fabric, cut:
  •     15” by the LOF (22-23”) for the lining.
  •     Save the scraps for the outer laptop case top.

Making the Outer Laptop Case

1.  Arrange the Coal, Iron and Snow uneven strips in pleasingly random order in sets of 3 so that both edges are about even.

2.  Sew each set together and iron towards the darker fabric.

3.  Cut each set into 5” widths. Cut the scraps of charcoal and black into 5” widths by 1.5”- 2.5” uneven strips.

4. Intersperse the scraps of charcoal and black in with the already sewn sets.

5. Sew enough sets and scraps into a 5” by 22.5” strip. This is your feature scrap set.

6.  Iron the 3” strips of Iron into thirds length-wise. 

7.   Line the right fold of one of the Iron strips along the left edge of the scrap set. Open up the fold so that the Iron strip is overlapping the scrap set one inch. This fold technique is one I learned from Alyssa at Pile O’Fabric – check out her great tutorial for more help if you need it.

8.  With your rotary cutter, carefully cut a gentle curve along the overlapped section, cutting the Iron fabric and the scrap set underneath. Do not cut past the fold or past the edge of the Iron fabric.

9.  Carefully remove the extra piece of Iron fabric and the opposite scrap set piece so that the Iron fabric and the scrap set curves match.

10. Flip the Iron over the scrap set and pin together at one end.

11.  Slowly sew from the pin, gently bringing the edges of the Iron fabric and the scrap set together as it gets to the presser foot. It will look and feel wonky while you are sewing it. 

12. Fold the Iron fabric back and press the seam (be careful not to iron the other fold yet). 

13.  Line the left fold of the Iron strip to the right edge of the 4” by LOF Charcoal fabric. Open up the fold so that the Iron strip is overlapping the Charcoal strip by one inch. Repeat steps 8-12 for this side and iron flat.

14.  Depending on how wide you want your scrap set column, you may want to trim it before adding the other Iron strip. I ended up trimming 1.5” inches off the scrap set for my case. If you have a laptop that is longer than 14.5”, then you’d probably want to leave the scrap set as is. If you have a laptop that is smaller than 14.5”, then you’d probably want to trim off 2” or more.

15.  Take the second 3” by LOF Iron strip and repeat the cutting and sewing directions for the right edge of the scrap set, attaching it to the 12” by LOF Charcoal fabric. This is your laptop case top. 

16.  Lay the laptop case top on the batting. Baste and quilt as desired. I echoed the improv curves of the Iron strips and did a perpendicular improv curve on the bigger charcoal side. Then I just echoed the improv curve stitch line using my walking foot as a guide. 

17.  Square up the quilted top, but do not trim down yet. My top ended up at 19” by 22”.

18.  Fold the squared up quilt top along the 22” side, right sides together. Check that this fits around the width of your computer, taking into account the height of your computer. This 22” worked perfectly for my computer so I didn't need to trim. 

19.  Sew along the short side closest to the improv-pieced strip and along the long side, making the sleeve. Clip the corners. 

20.  Turn the case right side out and insert the computer to make sure it fits. Make a mark ¼” from the edge of the laptop. 

21.  Remove the laptop and cut the case using the mark as the guide. Save the extra quilted fabric for the laptop case flap. 

Making the Lining

1.    Trim your 15” by LOF black fabric to same size as your laptop case top. I needed 15” by 22”. Fold along the 22” side.

2. Sew along the open 15” side and part way across one of the 11” sides. Leave a space the width of your hand to turn out the case and sew the rest of the short side. Clip the corners.  

Making the Flap

1.  Take the excess quilted fabric from your outer layer and cut it to 3.5” by 11”. If you do not have enough, take some of the remaining wonky scraps, sew them together to make a 3.5” by 11” piece of fabric. Layer with batting and quilt it (no backing). Note: If your laptop is more than 1” high, make your flap 4” or wider. If your laptop is significantly larger or smaller than mine, adjust the 11” length of the flap to be the same width of your laptop case, plus ½” for seam allowances.

2. Fold the outer quilted flap in half on the 11” side. Use a plate or something circular to mark a curve in the outer corners of the flap. Mark and cut.

3. Lay the quilted top tab on the 3.5” by 11” piece of Coal fabric and trace. Cut along the line. 

4.  Fold the Coal flap piece with the rounded edges together and iron a crease to mark the middle of the flap.

5. Unfold and place the loop side of the Velcro 1” from the top of the rounded edge of the flap. Add one to each side. Sew down. Tip: My machine did not like the adhesive on the Velcro so I ended up hand stitching the Velcro. 

6. Put the Coal piece and the quilted charcoal piece right sides together and sew along the rounded edge. Notch along the curved edge.

7. Turn the flap right side out. Iron and topstitch around the curved edge.

Assembling the Case

You are in the home stretch!
1.  Pin the outside of the flap (charcoal side) against the back of the laptop case and sew 1/8” in to secure it to the outer case. 

2.   Insert the outer layer into the lining, right sides together and pin every 2” or so to secure it well.

3.  Sew ¼” around the open edge. 

4.  Pull the top of the laptop case out through the hole in the lining and turn out the corners of the lining. Iron the open edge under. Top stitch the opening closed. 

5.  Push the lining into the laptop case and finger press the seam around the laptop case opening into place. Pin and top stitch the opening of the laptop case. 

6.  Put your laptop in the case. Place the hook side of the Velcro on the loop on the flap. Close the flap onto the case, letting the adhesive of the Velcro adhere to the case. 

7.  Carefully open the flap separating the Velcro sides so the hook side stays secure on the top of the case. 

8.  Hand sew the hook tabs to the case.

Insert your laptop and admire your handiwork!


You could win 4 fat quarters of the Kona Cotton Solids M-R used to make her Laptop Case! 
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M-R chose the colors we sent out in October last year to our Kona Club members. 
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