Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canada's Favourite Sewing Tools

Recently we asked our Facebook group to tell us what Quilting Tool (notion) they couldn't live without. We had answers from Canadians coast to coast and they were fascinating!

The most common response was rotary cutting equipment. Canadians just love their rulers, cutters and mats. Erin from Stoney Plain, Alberta summed it up well

"What tool couldn't I live without?...I would have to say the Rotary Cutter. I Couldn't imagine having to cut all those pieces with scissors...whoever invented it is my best friend!"

The seam ripper was the next most popular tool. Also known as the frog stitcher because it "rippit, rippits" and the reverse stitcher this is one notion that lives beside most quilters!

Next up are our beloved sewing machines - from a state of the art Bernina to a vintage Singer - Canadians are in love with their sewing machines.

Other popular answers were an awl, thimble, needle and thread, scissors, hoop, computer and marking tools.

Last but certainly not least "the notion" many Canadians couldn't live without was a special person. From a dear mother, sweet Nana or helpful hubby for many quilters it is the people that surround them that count the most! Linda from New Brunswick told us

"My absolute favourite "tool" is the comaraderie shared by all my friends when we meet once a week to quilt together! That makes for laughter, learning new methods of quilting, sharing, helping and all of that - however I am NOT saying they are tools --- they are awesome girls! They inspire all of us !"

Here I am with the best quilting friend in the whole world...Cheryl!

When we were children we were all taught this verse: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I guess it is the same for quilters: seam rippers, rotary cutters and love. Valuing the people who love us above all other things isn't a "crazy notion" at all if you ask me!

This is my sweet family: hubby Shaul, and sons Daniel and David.

Friday, July 23, 2010

UFO Update - Cheryl's On Fire

Well I guess the blog this week gave Cheryl a little push... she's finished the first mermaid! Isn't it gorgeous? That's one down Cheryl...just three to go!
This is the link to Cheryl's blog:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crazy About Crazy Eights!

We are just crazy about the Pattern - Crazy Eights pattern here! Crazy Eights uses just eight fat quarters to make these quick and fun quilts. It almost doesn't matter what you choose they always look great. Here are three that we have available as kits right now!

Crazy Eights - Batik Rain

Crazy Eights - To The Rescue

Click here to purchase the pattern: Crazy Eights

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UFO Update - Let's See What Cheryl Is Doing

While Cheryl Smith isn't, technically speaking, an employee of Sew-Sisters she is definately an honorary Sister!

Cheryl is the creative force behind Magpie Artworks -- if you haven't ever visited her site do take a minute to drop by ... Cheryl's work is amazing.

Cheryl is a fibre artist and is best known for her art dolls. She is a nationally recognized teacher and if you live out west she will be at the Gibson's Landing Fibre Arts Festival teaching next month. If you are closer by she will be teaching dollmaking in the store in November. You can find the details about that here:

As if dollmaking and being a fibre artist isn't enough to keep her busy, Cheryl is also a longarm quilter. Her longarming business is located here at the shop. Here's a little quilt she just finished quilting for us:

Now that you know a little about Cheryl let's check out her UFO closet. In Cheryl's case it is jammed with doll parts...I find this vaguely spooky but away we go...

First up is this nearly-finished mermaid - it looks like she just needs to be assembled.
This one looks like it will become a Jester!
I love the pinks and greens in this doll -- hey where's the head?
Judging by the tail - this looks like another mermaid!
I guess we'll have to wait and see how they all turn out!
One more thing, Cheryl has designed three doll patterns and they are available in our store now:
If you want to learn even more about her check out her blog:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

UFO Update - Let's See What Sandy is Doing!

Sandy Lindal is our own in house dynamo! Sandy is the name behind Scrappy Girl Quilt Co. and she has a line of patterns as well as a booming long arm business. Sandy is also the designer of our Neutral Sampler Block of the Month which was extremely popular.

When I asked Sandy to tell us what she was working on she had some exciting news! Sandy is developing a new block of the month program involving a string star medallion!

On a smaller scale, she is working on some string stars. Those of you who have done the Neutral Sampler might recognize some of the fabrics. Sandy took the fabric samples from the program and started to put them together using a foundation pieced string technique. Then they were cut into diamonds ...

Finally the diamonds were assembled into these exquisite string stars...stay tuned to see how Sandy finishes them up! Sandy will be giving a techniques class in draughting and creating string stars in the fall ... more details will be available in August.

Here are a few of Sandy's Patterns:

Pattern - Angles and Squares

Pattern - Tipsy Stars

Monday, July 12, 2010

Are You a Bargain Lover Yet?

We have a Bargain Lover's Club here at Sew Sisters - if you are a member you get 10 fat quarters delivered to your door each month for $17.99 (and that includes shipping within Canada).

Here is a sneak peak of the fabric going out this is all cut from Leading Ladies & Supporting Cast by Northcott (there is some variation from pack to pack but they are all very similar).

How can you resist having this grouping delivered to your door for only $17.99 (plus tax)?
Click here to register today: The Bargain Lover's Club

Stars Over Bali Skies

We are pleased to announce a new Block of the Month called Stars Over Bali Skies (starting in February 2011).

Painted Pony 'n Quilts has designed this dramatic quilt. It has an array of bali stars scattered across the sky. The quilt recreates the movements of the sun in the day. From the light bright morning sun to the deep, mystical midnight sky this quilt moves from light to dark just like the sun.

During this 10-month Block of the Month program, you will receive the patterns and fabrics needed to complete the quilt top including borders and binding. The finished quilt measures 76" x 86".

There is a $25 non-refundable start-up fee, then only $24.95 per month plus shipping and handling for each kit.

The postage cost for this program is $3.50 per month within Canada or $5.99 per month to the USA.

This program will begin in February, 2011.

Click here to register online today:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Groups of Fabric This Week

We had three crates of fabric arrive this week - lots of blenders and tone on tones and a few little groupings too!
We got some great 1930s basic prints that blend in very well ....those you will find in our 1930s section: 1930s Reproductions

Lizzy Dish is a cool- retro kitchen group that would be great for aprons or placemats:

You can find those in with our large selection of novelty fabrics: Novelty Fabric
Quilter's Album combines quilting motifs with traditional colors to very appealing effect. These are available here: Quilter's Album.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UFO Update ... a Bit Late But With a Wishy Washy Excuse

I'll start with my excuses for being so quiet. Last week I was on holiday with my father, hubby and sons up North at my Dad's fishing camp. I am back, well-rested and with my Fond Wishes Quilt all finished up! What follows are a few far away shots (you can see our lovely camp in the background) and some detail shots of the last two blocks. The kits are now available online: Fond Wishes Quilt

We came back and counted up our inventory - a Canada Day tradition around here and now we are all rested and revved up and ready to go. Two big deliveries came in today which we will be getting up this week...but here's my favourite new morsel: Favorite Embroidery Stitches