Saturday, November 29, 2008

In a Bind...Over Binding

Do you ever get yourself in a bind over binding? A quick inventory of samples at the store indicated that we had 5 projects totally finished ...except for the could that happen? Ann took matters firmly into hand and has sewn on all the bindings. Now we just have the hand finishing to do. I'm 3/4 of the way through the first one ... let's see if we can do them all this week!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Not Quite A Block of the Month Program

We have a great new program running in the store that we call...Not Quite A Block of the Month.

Here's how it works... when you are in the store grab one of the baggies of fabric. Each one contains enough fabric to make 8 split nine patch blocks. The blocks can be made and used in a variety of ways (much like log cabin blocks). We have two colorways available ... Thimbleberries and 1930s reproductions. You can buy one this month, one next month, then skip three months and join in again. You can scoop up 3 at a time or 5 or 10 ... whatever you like. This program has no rules and no commitments so you can come and go from the program as you please!

1930s Reproductions!

Each month we will have new fabrics all ready for you to collect in each colorway!


The blocks are made using Thangles ... here's a little video to show you how easy they are to use!

RSS Feed and a bit of a Teaser...

Hey Y'all - I hope you are enjoying the blustery weather. We are hunkered down in the store getting all sorts of new goodies ready for you!

I have been writing the newsletter and am really excited about our new class schedule! I should have it ready and published by Monday!

Ann has been busy cutting kits and making samples and we should have more about our new "Not Quite a Block Of the Month" Program tomorrow.
The real purpose of this post is to let you know that you can now subscribe to this blog using the RSS subscribe to buttons located up in the left hand corner of your screen! Many thanks to Dawn for dropping by the store today and helping me get that set up. I love learning new little tricks like that - muchas gracias Dawn!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Inside Outside Scarf - Just in Time For Christmas!

There is a new book, Knit One Below by Elise Duvelot. XRX provided a free scarf pattern to introduce the knit one row below stitch. It is called the Inside Outside Scarf.

This is a simple and easy to learn stitch and a scarf can be easily completed in a day or two! It uses just two balls of Jojoland's exquisite Rhythm yarn. Even though it is simple, the fabric it produces is attractive on both the right and wrong sides.

It is fun, easy, and quick to finish ... just in time for Christmas gift making and giving! Hilma will be in Tuesday afternoons for drop-in knitting class if you have any questions ... I'm hoping to talk her into giving it a go tomorrow!

There's one more reason to give it a try: it is affordable even with the current economy ... 7.99 per ball ... two balls per scarf and the pattern is a free download!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Panels + Kits

Well the snow and cold weather are settling in and we have a few cute flannel programs for your consideration!
First up are the Ethan Michael and Emma Louise Panels from Northcott...the panels by themselves are 8.99 but we have them kitted with the backing and binding for just 18.99! These are really lovely flannels for babies - sure to please all new mommies!

Do you want a quick and easy project to make up for Christmas? How about the Here Comes Santa Panel...we have that made up as a kit (includes binding and backing) for only $14.99!

Here Comes Santa Kit...
Buy It Now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dollar Days!

This Friday and Saturday only we will be having Dollar Days at the Store. I have ruthlessly cleaned and sorted through the fat quarter bins and we have 5 giant tubs of fat quarters that will be on sale for $1 each.

In addition all fabric on the clearance wall will be buy one metre get the second for $1 (one metre increments only please).

For our online customers you can start ordering now ... all orders filled first come first served. Here is the link for the $1 fat quarters and all clearance fabric from the specials pages qualify for buy one metre get one for $1 (price adjustments will be made when we ship the goods).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Books ... And an Update on Pricing

As everyone is aware the dollar has been very volatile lately.

We are still going to offer at least 90% of our fabric for sale at 9.99/yard or less. We are committed to finding you top quality quilt shop fabric at discount prices. With the economy in flux there are lots of bargains to be had and I promise that I am hunting them out for all of you. This week we received 50 bolts from Marcus Brothers and they are all priced at 8.99/metre (8.09/yard). We also got a whole grouping of Northcott Flannels and they are also priced at $8.99/metre (8.09/yard).

New Flannel from Northcott ...
10 to choose from and only $8.99/metre!

Unfortunately we can no longer offer books at the US dollar price in Canada...what we are doing is guaranteeing that they will be priced at no more than the US dollar price converted into Canadian funds... what that means is that you will pay the same or less for your books from us then you would if you bought them from a US quilt shop! Here are a couple of the newest titles in stock!

Kaffe Fassett's Country Garden Quilts
Kaffe Fassett presents 20 magnificent quilts bursting with floral themes and his trademark color combinations - all luxuriously photographed against the stunning backdrop of lush English country gardens. Completely illustrated with instructions on how to make each quilt.

Bethany Reynolds returns with 10 years of Stack-n-Whack under her rotary cutter, ready to share innovative designs and updated methods for her fabulous technique. Try one of a dozen projects for full-size quilts using a wide variety of shapes from simple squares & triangles to diamonds & wedges.