Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nifty New Notions

We have some really nifty new gadgets in from quilt market! First up are the new comfort thimbles from Clover - three sizes to choose from. Scallop design provides breathability, keeping the finger cooler. Excellent elasticity helps the thimble form to your fingertip for a light fit! Safe & smart with a ridged & dimpled metal cap which holds the needle tip in place. Push your needles in safely and confidently.Click here to purchase them online:
Next up is the The Fabulous Fabric Glide. This comes from the same folks who invented the gypsy gripper! A set of two sizes of semi-hoops that control the fabric during free-motion quilting on a standard home sewing machine. Easy to use and extremely light weight. Relaxed hand positioning prevents hand, wrist and shoulder fatigue normally experienced when attempting to control the fabric.
Finally - no it's not a UFO but it is the The Gypsy Sit Upon. The sit upon is a softly inflated flexible disc used in chair seats to prevent fatigue, reduce pressure on the tail-bone, and help relieve lower back pain, while strengthening the core muscles and improving posture. It can be used on hard or soft chairs, recliners, car seats, or anywhere you sit.

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Betweens said...

I am so trying to get to your shop to get the thimbles I asked you to get and you were so kind to get for me!! I am hoping on Saturday that I am able to get there.. thanks so much you are so good to us..
hmmmm excersize while sewing that disk may come in handy!!