Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tonga Treats Are In!

We have been waiting all summer for the Tonga Treats to come in! Timeless Treasures has made some gorgeous groups of 10" squares and 2.5" strips. Each group contains 40 pieces (2 each of 20 different luscious batiks). The strip packs are the equivalent of a jelly roll (2.5 metres in total fabric). There are four stunning colorways available and they are all only $44.95!
I know it is a little bit hard to get a good look at the square packets in the pictures but if you look at the strip packets they contain the same fabrics as in the charm squares.


Shirley said...

Coffe Cake & Lemon 'em!!

rappy said...

I know this post is from yonks ago, but I bought one of the Tonga Treats packs in your store in April 2011 and finally got around to making this:

So glad to have found the packs in your shop!

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

:) Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.