Thursday, December 9, 2010

Transfer-Eze - It's Really a Breeze

We got an interesting new product in the store called Transfer-Eze. Transfer-Eze is a pliable film that needles well. You can run it through a printer or photocopier with ease so it seemed like a great way to transfer stitchery and quilting patterns onto fabric without having to trace it (hooray!).

I photocopied my pattern onto the Transfer-Eze (I just put one sheet into the paper tray), peeled the backing paper off and stuck it on my background fabric. Here's the design waiting to be embroidered.

I did my embroidery as usual and found that I didn't even notice the transfer-eze under my needle while I was stitching. The printed line was very crisp and easy to follow. Here's the finished stitchery witht he transfer-eze still in place.

I cut away the excess transfer-eze per the directions... it looks crinkly but I didn't dare iron a fusible product...

...soaked it in water...

...and voila - it was gone without a trace! I did have a small amount of bleed from the toner onto the fabric. It barely even photographed but it was faintly visible. The packaging warned that this happens rarely so next time I will try another photocopier (the one at my house is an old dinosaur).

To remove the bleed I popped it back in the water with a little dawn dishsoap and a couple of drops of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover (which we love here at the shop). Soaked it for awhile longer and that did the trick all bleed was gone.

We sewed it up into a sweet little sachet!

I have already photocopied a whole slew of patterns from Redwork Winter Twitterings onto Transfer-eze so I have a cute new stitchery all ready to go! I may never trace a pattern again - this stuff is a tremendous time saver - I just loved it!
Click here to purchase Transfer-Eze online; click here to purchase Redwork Winter Twitterings online (it's only $10.95!)

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