Saturday, February 26, 2011

Twisting at Sew Sisters!

Every once in awhile we quilters need to try something new and have a little fun.  This week Mary and I whipped up this cheerful little quilt using a package of citrus moda marble charms and the Little Twister Tool!  It really was very easy and Twister toll made it a whole lot of fun! 

First you sew together all the charms and sew on a little 3" border.
Lil Twister (for use with 5" charm squares)
Lil Twister Tool
Second, you use the Twister Tool to cut out the pinwheel blocks.

Isn't This Fun?

Third you sew the pinwheels back together ...

Last but not least...add a couple of borders and voila ... a cute and easy little quilt!

Click here to purchase the  citrus moda marble charms and the Little Twister Tool online! 


Anonymous said...

Love this look, and if it's easy to do, another bonus! Thanks for Sharing.
Cathy M

Anonymous said...

Super easy to do... I managed to do 3 of them in 1 afternoon ( 6 x 4 5" charms)