Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Happens When A Quilter Meets the Big Red Balls?

Hi Everyone!  Last summer I was lucky enough to be one of 260 Canadians selected from over 40,000 (!!) applicants to be a contestant on Wipeout Canada.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it Wipeout Canada is a hilarious game show where contestants run the world’s largest -- and funniest -- obstacle course. Each week, 20 new competitors tackle the course in an effort to be named Wipeout Canada Champion. They come from all walks of life, shapes and sizes - male and female, young and old, fit and not-so-fit.

The hilarious hosts provide running commentary as the contestants navigate the course. In the qualifier, 20 contestants run a four-part obstacle course including challenges like the "Sucker Punch" (a wall of boxing gloves that randomly punch contestants as they try to run past) and the fan favourite "Big Red Balls". Only the 12 with the fastest times move on to the next round. Along the way, spectacular wipeouts occur!
Here is a picture of the wonderful people from all across the country that I met on my episode! If you don't know me by face - that's me in the red shirt that says "I Love Quilting" right in the centre!

By now you must all be wondering what happens when a Quilter meets the red balls?  Here is the muddy truth:
Here I am attempting to get out of the mud!  Have you ever seen so much mud on one quilter?  I have to say that this is about as much fun as I have ever had but I am definately more comfortable at my sewing machine than running an obstacle course!

If you missed it on Sunday -  you can always watch it online!  Here is the link:  Wipeout Canada - Episode 12


Katrine said...

This is great! What a brave woman you are, I hope you didn't get hurt, I've seen that show.

Judith said...

Judy! It must have been an awesome experience to be on the show! And it looks like sew much fun!

Judith said...
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Betweens said...

Your boys must have loved their mom on there. I don`t think I could muster up that but there was great incentive...what will be your next adventure??

Mary Ann said...

You are very brave:)