Sunday, September 4, 2011

Focus on Our Classes: Zentangle

What is Zentangle?
What is Zentangle? Zentangle is a method of combining the patterns we see around us everyday to create art. Zentangle is easy to learn even if you have no previous artistic experience. Zentangle is soul soothing and stress reducing. It is a portable, inexpensive way to engage in creativity daily while improving your focus and refreshing your mind.

Zentangle I

Wednesday September 28, 1:00 – 3:00
Instructor: Cherryl Moote
$25 (includes supplies)

In Zentangle® Basics you will learn how to create several basic tangle patterns using a simple series of strokes. Even the most complex Zentangle patterns are broken down into small, manageable steps. Zentangles are created on small tiles of fine art paper with a black drawing pen and these materials will be provided for you in class as well as written instructions to take home. You will leave the class with two tiles that you have worked on and new skills to continue exploring tangling on paper and on cloth. Additional materials are available for purchase in class with payment by cash or cheque.

Zentangle II

Wednesday October 12, 1:00 – 3:00
Instructor: Cherryl Moote
$25 (includes supplies)

Building on the basics taught in the introductory class, we will continue to explore the wonderful world of Zentangle®. Several new tangles will be taught including a woven one and a visual illusion. We will work on one square tile and one ATC sized tile in class. As we work on the tiles there will be ample time to discuss how these designs can be adapted for piecework, embroidery, hand quilting and machine quilting. Please bring any of your tangle ideas that you have explored since you took Zentangle Basics to share with the class. All materials for the class are provided and additional materials are available for purchase in class with payment by cash or cheque.

Cherryl Moote is an artist and author. She specializes in bookbinding and calligraphy and has written and created a series of books and DVDs on bookbinding and paper crafting. Cherryl has been involved in quilting and fibre arts since childhood and incorporates sewn elements into her artwork. Cherryl is a CZT, Certified Zentangle Teacher, having completed the certification course taught by the creators of the Zentangle® system, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. For more information about Cherryl Moote and her company Moote Points Inc. visit

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