Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fundamentals Sew Along Block of the Week

Fundamentals Block of the Week - Pay in Full
Fundamentals Sew Along A Block of the Week Program Beginning in January 2012.
I am going to introduce our guest blogger today!  Jeannie Jenkins is our assistant manager in the shop and will be hosting the Fundamentals Sew Along program starting in January.  We are very excited about this program.  Every Wednesday Jeannie will be posting here on the blog with some tips, tricks, tidbits and giveaways on a journey to make a beautiful sampler quilt.  Without further ado here is Jeannie to tell you all about the program:

Each Wednesday I will be hosting a sew-along.  We will meet in the classroom from 10:00 - 11:30 am to make a block AND I will do a blogpost too.  Whether you follow along online or drop by the store you will be sure to learn a lot of new techniques and most importantly have a lot of fun.

I have been collecting the Stonehenge line of fabric for quite some time, and I think this is the perfect project for it.  Samplers are so much fun:  they really are a great way of learning how to do the various blocks and they are so pretty when they are done.  By the time we finish the program we will have 52 blocks,  enough to make a quilt.  Whether you are a confident beginner or have a number of quilts under your belt you are all welcome to join.  I don't know if I can wait until January to Start! But I will.  I hope you will join me. 
You can choose between two colorways: Stonehenge and 1930s reproductions. The quilt shown above uses a different fabric collection. Here are stonehenge fabrics we have chosen:

Registration is $15.00. The cost is $3/week. Mail order customers pay $3.50/month postage. Finishing Kits will be available starting in October. If you pay for the full program up front we will waive the $15.00 registration fee and give you two months postage for free! That works out to 191 (52 x 3 kits) + (10 x 3.50 postage).  

Click here to register online:
Fundamentals Block of the Week
Fundamentals Block of the Week - Pay in Full


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy
Looks like a lovely quilt - what size are the blocks anad what size is the quilt?

Judy said...

The blocks are 7.5" and the quilt is 76" x 91".