Thursday, May 30, 2013

What can you make with Moda Candy Squares?

What can you make with those delicious looking Moda Candy Squares?
 You could pick up Moda's Oh Sew Sweet! and choose from 18 delicious projects by Moda designers featuring Moda Candy from their collections. Each Moda Candy pack contains 42, 2½ squares and this booklet shows you how you can use them!

From mini quilts, to fabric baskets, to wall hangings and necklaces, see what designers like Sandy Gervais, Pat Sloan, Bonnie & Camille and other Moda designers put together for you.

Judy whipped this mini quilt up from the book. The pattern is by V and Co.

Click here to purchase: Oh Sew Sweet! for only $9.99!
Click here to purchase: Moda Candy Squares

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Mimi said...

This is soooo sweet!! Thanks for sharing a great idea and a quick gift.