Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

It’s time to give your quilts and fabric some TLC! Take care of your quilts, and your laundry, with these great products!

Breezy Color Absorber
Soak - Single Use Sachets Celebration
Soak - Single Use Sachets Scentless
Breezy Color Absorber sheets are made from powerful fibers that soak up excess dyes in water. Once the dyes are absorbed-the sheet locks them away protecting your fabric from being stained and damaged. Colors are prevented from running or bleeding. Great for your quilts. Great for your laundry! Each box contains 30 Color Absorbing Sheets. Click here to purchase: Breezy Color Absorber for only $11.99 each. Soak is a pure, gentle and deliciously scented way to wash the delicate items you care about most. This rinse-free formulation is perfect for washing your quilts, sweaters, and baby clothes. Soak is designed with fabric-friendly ingredients that revitalize fibers so they look great and last longer. Soak is safe for both hand and machine washing. Click here to purchase: Soak - Single Use Sachets for only $1.49 each.

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