Friday, August 22, 2014

We're Swooning over Indelible!

Katarina Roccella's Indelible for Art Gallery Fabrics is here and we can't get enough of it! 

We met Katarina at Spring Market and fell in love with her collection and her booth. Katarina brings her many years of experience in painting, illustrating, graphic design and linoleum printing to Indelible - her debut collection with Art Gallery Fabrics. Katarina finds inspiration everywhere and loves taking many pictures of things that move her, either by their shape, texture or color. 

This collection is absolutely stunning and you can buy all the fabrics from her Subtle Watermarks colorway here: Indelible

Somewhere between magic and reality is an Indelible world. Find exciting graphic weavings and stylized nature motifs that ripple through colored depths of pewter, turquoise and auburn.

Indelible is by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Click here to purchase: Indelible for $14.99/metre

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fiberchick said...

It is swoon worthy!