Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Canadian Sampler - Meet the Designers - Daphne Greig

The Canadian Sampler begins this week and we are thrilled to feature the wonderful designers who made this beautiful quilt!

Earlier this year we invited 20 amazing Canadian designers to each design a red and white quilt block to celebrate our great nation. The designers created a 12" red and white quilt block that expressed their love for our beautiful country. They made maple leaves and flying geese, star blocks and snowflakes, inuksuit and grain elevators. They drew inspiration from the seasons, the cities they live in, and the towns they visited. They showcased Canada's beauty, strength and rich heritage. They created blocks with great care and generosity and we are honoured to bring you their beautiful work.

Each month, members receive two block patterns. You can read about these talented designers and their inspiration for making the blocks here on our blog each month.

January's Blocks are Pacific Stars by Daphne Greig from Patchworks Studio and Keep'n Warm by Sandy Whitelaw from Upstairs Hobby Room. Read about Sandy's Keep'n Warm Block here: The Canadian Sampler - Meet the Designers - Sandy Whitelaw

Pacific Stars
by Daphne Greig from Patchworks Studio
Pacific Stars by Daphne Greig from Patchworks Studio
Daphne can't remember a time when sewing and needlework were not part of her life. She started making dresses for her Barbie doll when she was 6 years old and made all her own and her children's clothes for many years. It was an opportunity to take a one-day quilting class in 1984 that lead to her career as a quilter, designer, author and educator. Quilting started as a hobby, but turned into her passion and her business. 
Daphne Greig

Daphne has written five quilting books, filmed an instructional DVD teaching her Give & Take Appliqué™ technique and has designed hundreds of patterns through her company Patchworks Studio. 

Designing quilts is a large part of Daphne's career, however teaching and interacting with students is one of the joys in her life. She loves meeting students who share her passion for fabric and creativity. She has taught at quilting conferences throughout North America and also at retreats and for guilds and shops. Daphne also teaches online at the Academy of Quilting and has sailed the high seas to teach on 6 Quilting Cruises. Her next Alaska Quilt Cruise is scheduled for August 2017.

Daphne lives and works in North Saanich on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Learn more about Daphne at her website: daphnegreig.com | See Daphne's patterns and books at: patchworkstudio.com | Follow Daphne on Facebook at: facebook.com/PatchworksStudio

Inspiration for Pacific Stars

I started with one thought. What is British Columbia known for? We are known for our forests, particularly the Coastal Rain Forest, and we are on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. 

I designed several patchwork tree designs. They didn't work well! My main problem was trying to get the sense of the trees without having tiny pieces and complex piecing. I tried a landscape with trees and trees diagonally in the block but there were still so many small pieces. 

I thought again about what else happens in British Columbia. We aren't the first in the country to see the sunrise or the sunset. We are the last! And what happens when the sun sets? Stars begin to appear. In fact we are the last place in Canada to see the stars. So that's when I decided that a 'star' block might work well. With that in mind I designed a block with a white central star surrounded by an exploding red star. 

 As you make this block, imagine you are in a British Columbia forest, you look up into the sky just as the sun sets and you see the last stars begin to appear over Canada's Pacific province.

- Daphne Greig

Pacific Stars - Top Row & Last on the Right in The Canadian Sampler

You can join the fun! Sign up for The Canadian Sampler today and make this gorgeous quilt to Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary!

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Sandy W said...

I love your block Daphne, but I think I love hearing about the inspirations just as much!! I am so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful compilation of Canadian Designers and what an awesome Canadian Sampler