Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What do you think?

We are considering trying out something totally new at Sew Sisters...a knitting nook! Before we jump in we want to know what you think! We have brought in a gorgeous grouping of yarn -- all imported from Italy. The quality is outstanding ... and there is quite a lovely selection ranging from haute Marino Wool double Mohair/Marino/Angola blends and more. We are introducing the line at a very low price just to see if you are interested! All yarn is in the store now and priced at 40% off the suggested retail price. Visit us during the Stock up for Summer Sale (This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and receive an additional 25% off! Please let us know by comment, phone call or in person whether yarn and knitting supplies are something you would like to see in the shop ... we really value your opinion!

Also, submissions for the Ugly Fabric Challenge are due in the store Friday ... but do pop in Saturday if you can't make it Friday. We will be hanging the entries on Friday and then everyone will have a chance to vote on their favourite. Next Thursday at 1 pm we will announce all the winners and award the prizes! We have a good number of entries already but we are hoping for even more... if you have the fabric try to get something finished! There are lots of goodies for participants so please do enter a submission. Haven't started yet? Why not whip up a quick quilt for Project Linus?

Finally, I want to thank all the women up at the Moraine Quilter's Guild for inviting us up to visit them today! It was lovely meeting you all and I really am very grateful for the opportunity! A special thank you to OJ - for all her hard work - so often we forget to thank the people who volunteer their time so I want to give a big hand to her! I hope to see you all again soon!

I'm off to work on my own Ugly Fabric Challenge! I've really got to hunker down and get to work so far all I have is a plan -- with only 2 days left! I'm not much of a procrastinator but with the Creativ Festival and a general frenzy of activity in the store and with the family --- time really got away from me! Gulp...wish me luck!


Lynn said...

Please save me 2 more balls of the maroon caterpillar yarn and 5 of the other colour. It is working up beautifully. Hope you still have it...LOL

Anonymous said...

The yarn looks wonderful - I will definelty come by this week to check it out as I am not only a quilting fan but also a hobby knitter.

dawn draper said...

I'm a quilter and a knitter...what a treat it would be to shop for both of my hobbies at once! I hope you will put the yarn in the online store

magpie said...

I love yarn! You rock, Judy!