Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Quilter's Best Friend...The Crochet Hook!

The latest buzz in quilting circles isn't about fabric or patterns but about a ... crochet hook.

The distributor had this to say about this amazing little hook...

Clover has released a new line of crochet hooks with an ergonomic handle that is easy to grasp and has a sharp, smooth hook. These hooks come in all sizes and are great for anyone - especially for any of you with arthritis. Any of your customers who crochet will love it - and want to replace every hook in their collection. But, in the quilting world, all of the buzz is about #14!

The tiniest of all of the hooks is traditionally not a top seller. After all, a crocheter would have to be using tatting thread because the hook is so fine. But a machine quilter has determined that it is the PERFECT size to bury threads in her quilt!

The hook is so tiny that it slips easily between the threads of the fabric without damaging any of the fibers. It is possible to bury any thread tails quickly and easily between the layers of your quilt! This tool is an absolute Godsend for longarmers. After all, when you are making a living at it - time is money.

But more and more of you are machine quilting your own projects at home so you will love it too. Hand-quilters can use it as well. Have you ever finished a quilt and noticed that a dark thread is now visible through your white background? That’s no longer a problem because the fine point on this hook allows you to penetrate the fibers and manipulate that thread so it is buried under a dark fabric! Don’t you love it when a gadget multi-tasks???

We sure love it! You can check it out in the store or online using this link: Clover 0.5 mm Crochet Hook...The Quilter's Helper


Anka said...

That's a great tip. I went and found my crochet hook and it worked real good to bury the thread. I use to always use a needle but this will save alot of time. Thanks for sharing that with us Judy.

magpie said...

Incredible, Judy! I want one! I've always used a needle, but this has tremendous potential! What a time saver!