Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is it Really Snowing?

Well, I can't believe my eyes but it is snowing here in Toronto! I can't imagine a greater harbinger of winter and the long, cozy months of quilting and knitting ahead of us!

Things are in a mild state of disarray as we clean up from the Creativ Festival and prepare for our next show but we have lots of goodies coming in including a whole batch of Hoffman batiks that we have unpacked and loaded up on the shelves...they are absolutely exquisite and there are 50 new ones to choose from.

This weekend the Rouge Valley Quilter's Guild is hosting its Show and Sale at the Pickering Village United Church at 300 Church Street North in Ajax. The show runs on Friday October 24, from 10 am - 8 pm and on Saturday October 25 from 10 am to 5 pm .

There will be:
  • Door prizes
  • Viewers’ choice
  • Raffle of members’ quilt
  • Miniature quilt silent auction
  • Guild members’ shop
  • Vendors’ marketplace (don't forget to visit us!)
  • Tea room

Hope to see you in the shop...or at the show!

1 comment:

Betweens said...

this is a great quilt show weekend not only is the Rouge having their show but London Ontario is also having theirs..it would be great to visit both and then go and buy all those wonderful Batiks!! your imagination should be at full capacity after viewing both shows!!