Monday, November 24, 2008

Inside Outside Scarf - Just in Time For Christmas!

There is a new book, Knit One Below by Elise Duvelot. XRX provided a free scarf pattern to introduce the knit one row below stitch. It is called the Inside Outside Scarf.

This is a simple and easy to learn stitch and a scarf can be easily completed in a day or two! It uses just two balls of Jojoland's exquisite Rhythm yarn. Even though it is simple, the fabric it produces is attractive on both the right and wrong sides.

It is fun, easy, and quick to finish ... just in time for Christmas gift making and giving! Hilma will be in Tuesday afternoons for drop-in knitting class if you have any questions ... I'm hoping to talk her into giving it a go tomorrow!

There's one more reason to give it a try: it is affordable even with the current economy ... 7.99 per ball ... two balls per scarf and the pattern is a free download!

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Judy said...

We have some modifications to the pattern! We have found that it looks much better if you just do the pattern and forget the opening perle rows and edging rows. On the sides just slip a stitch and go right into the pattern and you will have a clean edge ... we have found that to be a nicer edge than the mildly lacy one you will get if you follow the pattern.