Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Top 10 List!

Well we have 10 days until Christmas and many hubbies and other shoppers are wondering what to get their favourite quilter or knitter this Christmas. Here is our Top 10 List...

10. Pebbles

These are sleek and handy little containers filled with John James needles - for quilting, applique or embroidery --- grab one or grab them all!

Sashiko is a style of Japanese embroidery. For less than $20 you can grab a sampler kit, needles and thread and give your quilty-friend an easy to do project that really is something...a little bit different!

If you love to sew at night ... or if your room isn't as well-lit as you would like then the bendable bright life will make a tremendous difference to you! The light comes with a mounting kit to attach it to your sewing machine. It is a brilliant flexible light for detailed projects.

7. Inside Outside Scarf Kit

Grab two contrasting or co-ordinating balls of Rhythm yard and we will give you the pattern and a cute bag to turn it into a gift. Only 15.98 for the kit!

6. Gypsy Gripper and its little sister the

Without a doubt this is the notion of the year! The Gypsy Gripper's suction cups will work with smooth surface rulers that are at least 4in wide, including most rectangle, square or triangle shapes. Need something smaller? Grab the Little Gypsy Gripper too!

This handy tool includes the basting gun w/ needle and cap. 1080 fasteners - 5 white clips and 4 black clips - and instructions. This is the smallest tack basting gun on the market - you can remove them with your seam ripper! And it is still only $29.99!

3. Fat Quarter Bundles. Every quilter loves fat quarters ... why not grab a bundle or two and brighten up her Christmas morning with a splash of color...lots to choose from online and in the store!

2. Sock Yarn!

We have lots to choose from...engineered patterns, luxurious hand-dyes, solids, variegated come in and grab a ball or two or three to delight the knitter in your life. Who knows...she might turn them into a pair of socks for you.
And the number one gift for Christmas this year? Gift Certificates so your Crafter can choose exactly what she needs...available in many denominations!


Betweens said...

I love the pebbles!! they would make great worry stones in your pocket or once they are empty your DH can use them as a worry stone.
Happy Holidays to you and all your staff.. looking forward to your new and wonderful 2009.

Judy said...

Thank you very much Deb - our warmest regards for a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. My husband asked me to let him know when this post is up ... so maybe he is going to go shopping in the store this week! He has four quilters on his list me, my sister, his mother and his sister!