Monday, January 19, 2009

Puff Quilting ... Everything Old is New Again!

Work in Progress!

Well Clover has done it again...coming up with a new gizmo to make an old fashioned quilting technique fun, easy and up to date. This time they have come up with a great system to make biscuit or puff quilts!

Biscuit quilts are made of puffy little individual pillows sewn together and have been popular for generations!

The Clover Puff Quilting Set contains templates and 4 clips that anchor neat little box pleats in place on the sides of your biscuits. What I love in the set is the handy works both as a turning tool and as a stuffing tool and it is well worth the price of the set!

I have been working by hand so one set of clips has been fine for me but if you plan on using your machine you might want a set of extra clips.

I have been working on this sweet little changing pad using 1930s reproduction fabrics! My only complaint is that the template given makes eensy little biscuits even though it is the "large" size. I know the clips and stuffing tool will work equally well with larger biscuits so I am going to work out my own template that will make a finished square somewhere around 3 - 4 inches!

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Betweens said...

buscuit quilts!! I can't believe they are making a come back!!