Friday, February 27, 2009

Traditional Florals and a Celebrity Visitor

The weather was just unbelievable here in Toronto -- the day started out warm and rainy at a balmy 9 degrees. By early afternoon it was nice and sunny but down to minus 5 and now it is a bit snowy and all the way down to minus 11. With days like this you might as well hunker down at home and sew the day away!

We had a celebrity visitor in the store today: Mary Elizabeth Kinch. Mary Elizabeth is one of the co-authors of Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts and she was kind enough to autograph our in stock copies for us...that was a real treat. Mary Elizabeth also gave me a great tip: when winding a ball of yarn from a skein using a ball winder it should be done twice. The process of winding the ball causes the yarn to stretch a little bit and the ball will wind up very tight. If you draw the yarn from the centre and wind it a second time the ball will ease up and be a bit looser which will keep the yarn from stretching.
Yarn Ball Winder Royal

We have a new line of traditional floral flannels in stock called Rose Petal Cottage Flannel. They are made by Northcott and are absolutely lovely. I have been saying this for years but it is an unchanging truth...Northcott makes the best quality flannel on the market. It is soft and thick and washes like a dream. This line is very well put together with a large, medium and small scale floral print, a texture dot and a stripe.

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