Thursday, July 9, 2009

Itty Bitty Stitchery Kit-ty

I just finished this Little Stitchy project from Bareroots. I came across Bareroots at Quilt Market this spring and was absolutely enamored by the adorable designs that combine, applique, a wee bit of piecing and stitchery. I did this one in flannel to enhance the "homey feel". We have it all kitted up and the Itty Bitty Stitchery Kit-ty is only 9.99. The kit contains all the fabric, the batting and the pattern. We put in some fusible web for the applique but the pieces are so tiny I recommend just cutting them freehand to save a tonne of aggravation (learned that the hard way!). Oh and there are floss kits available seperately if you don't have a floss collection at home!
Here is the link to purchase it online: Itty Bitty Stitchery Kit-ty

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magpie said...

These are so adorable. They'll make great gifts, especially at Christmas!