Saturday, July 4, 2009

Texture Magic

We have a really interesting new interfacing in stock. Texture Magic is a steam activated shrinking fabric. Sew Texture Magic to the back of your fabric, apply steam, & the fabric will magically shrink 30% in all directions, creating a beautiful textured effect. Here are some samples ... when you are in the store be sure to check them out!
The Texture Magic was sewn to the back of the fabric using straight lines stitched about 1/2" apart - presto -once steamed it looks like this:
In the second sample we attached the Texture Magic to the back of the fabric with a fairly dense stipple design - apply steam and ala kazam you have this:
In the last sample we sewed the Texture Magic to the fabric using a 1 inch grid as the stitch pattern. Apply the steam and abracadabra ... this is the wonderful result:Many thanks to Cheryl for making up the samples for us! Wouldn't the textured fabric be a terrific accent on a tote bag? Try it with the brand new Claire Bag from Lazy Girl Designs.

Be warned ... you can't iron it or it will get quite hard! Click here to purchase online: Texture Magic

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magpie said...

I love this product! There are endless possiblities for using it.