Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stunning New Collection ... Nature's Palette

We are very excited to be carrying a new range of prints from Northcott entitled Nature's Palette. There are two prints: one featuring soft ferns and the other a mottled leaf print and they come in a wide array of colors... 60 in total! These blend with all your projects and truly are exquisite. Above is the full range which can be purchased online or in the store for 9.99/metre! Below are pictures of just two in the collection but up close so you can really see the beautiful designs.


Betweens said...

Oh I so hope there is a wheat looking pattern in off white I will have to take a look. I am commissioned to make something that has to have wheat in it... going over right now.
will see you at the quilt show for sure

Betweens said...

oh and a happy happy Birthday to you Judy hope the 22nd was a wonderful day for you!!