Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Good Turn Deserves Another

As many of you know Sew Sisters makes and collects dozens of pillows for donations to Animal Shelters in the area. In the store we keep a small fabric bag hanging under the cutting table and whenever we have scraps we stuff them in. When the bag is full we sew it shut and voila - a little pillow. My dad brings them to a variety of different places (including the Etobicoke Humane Society, The Guelph Veterinary Hospital, and North York Animal Control) where they are used inside the animals' cages. There is a particular need for smallish pillows suitable for cats. We also collect the bags that you have made and deliver them for you.

We have a phenomenal person who comes in the store from time to time named Carin. Carin is a real firecracker: besides being a mother of 4 little ones she runs a charity called Margaret's Hope Chest Carin dropped off a huge rubbermaid tub stuffed with pillows she had made for donation to animal shelters. She did a great job and even decorated some of them with little appliques of hearts and bones - so sweet.

This is just a handful of the pillows brought in yesterday.

Margaret's Hope Chest- is a quilting non-profit organization birthed out of the tragic murder of Carin's 81-year old grandma Margaret Herrema. Their website is a great place for more information about what they do. Carin's sense of community involvement is one that I admire tremendously. I hope that you will take a few minutes to read about Margaret's Hope Chest as inspiration for how uplifting charitable service can be. If you have a few hours maybe you could make a quilt for this worthy cause!


Sandra :) said...

Judy I wasn't aware of this project that you've taken on - my DK (dear kitty) Zoomer insists I help out :)

I'm working on Christmas sewing right now so I can start saving fabric (and batting) scraps right away. About how big are the kitty pillows you make?

Judy said...

The kitty pillows are about 16" x 12" but you can make the pillows from whatever size scraps you have. The good folks who take care of the animals say that there is a greater need for cat pillows than dog pillows because the doggies get adopted much faster but there are always lots of cats in the shelters looking for homes. The pillows need to fit in the kitty cages alongside their litter and food.

Betweens said...

those look adorable what a great idea!! I know I have a barrel of scarps.. I will have to see what I can do to contribute some beds. I have pet bed patterns too.. hmmmm thanks for the heads up