Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scrap Block Mania (aka Not Quite A Block of the Month Program

We have a great program running in the store that we call...Not Quite A Block of the Month... although it is actually Scrap Block Mania from Thangles. Here's how it works... when you are in the store grab one of the baggies of fabric. Each one contains 10 2.5” strips of fabric. That’s enough fabric to make 8 split nine patch blocks. The blocks can be made and used in a variety of ways (much like log cabin blocks).

We have two colorways available ... Thimbleberries and 1930s reproductions. You can buy one this month, one next month, then skip three months and join in again. You can scoop up 3 at a time or 5 or 10 ... whatever you like. This program has no rules and no commitments so you can come and go from the program as you please!If you like…you can just collect the strips and use them in all your favourite Jelly Roll Patterns! Just eight bags are the same as a jelly roll and cost less!

Each month we will have new fabrics all ready for you to collect in each colorway! Each package is only $4.49 and that gives you the fabric and pattern to make 8 blocks. Stay tuned because in January we will be introducing a civil war colorway!

The Scrapmania baggies are now available online! Just click on the pictures above to purchase them online! Stay tuned tomorrow because I will be putting up a free table runner pattern that uses just two packages - so you can make a tablerunner for only $9.00 - coolio!

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