Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UFO Update - Let's See What Cheryl Is Doing

While Cheryl Smith isn't, technically speaking, an employee of Sew-Sisters she is definately an honorary Sister!

Cheryl is the creative force behind Magpie Artworks -- if you haven't ever visited her site do take a minute to drop by ... Cheryl's work is amazing.

Cheryl is a fibre artist and is best known for her art dolls. She is a nationally recognized teacher and if you live out west she will be at the Gibson's Landing Fibre Arts Festival teaching next month. If you are closer by she will be teaching dollmaking in the store in November. You can find the details about that here:

As if dollmaking and being a fibre artist isn't enough to keep her busy, Cheryl is also a longarm quilter. Her longarming business is located here at the shop. Here's a little quilt she just finished quilting for us:

Now that you know a little about Cheryl let's check out her UFO closet. In Cheryl's case it is jammed with doll parts...I find this vaguely spooky but away we go...

First up is this nearly-finished mermaid - it looks like she just needs to be assembled.
This one looks like it will become a Jester!
I love the pinks and greens in this doll -- hey where's the head?
Judging by the tail - this looks like another mermaid!
I guess we'll have to wait and see how they all turn out!
One more thing, Cheryl has designed three doll patterns and they are available in our store now:
If you want to learn even more about her check out her blog:

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