Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canada's Favourite Sewing Tools

Recently we asked our Facebook group to tell us what Quilting Tool (notion) they couldn't live without. We had answers from Canadians coast to coast and they were fascinating!

The most common response was rotary cutting equipment. Canadians just love their rulers, cutters and mats. Erin from Stoney Plain, Alberta summed it up well

"What tool couldn't I live without?...I would have to say the Rotary Cutter. I Couldn't imagine having to cut all those pieces with scissors...whoever invented it is my best friend!"

The seam ripper was the next most popular tool. Also known as the frog stitcher because it "rippit, rippits" and the reverse stitcher this is one notion that lives beside most quilters!

Next up are our beloved sewing machines - from a state of the art Bernina to a vintage Singer - Canadians are in love with their sewing machines.

Other popular answers were an awl, thimble, needle and thread, scissors, hoop, computer and marking tools.

Last but certainly not least "the notion" many Canadians couldn't live without was a special person. From a dear mother, sweet Nana or helpful hubby for many quilters it is the people that surround them that count the most! Linda from New Brunswick told us

"My absolute favourite "tool" is the comaraderie shared by all my friends when we meet once a week to quilt together! That makes for laughter, learning new methods of quilting, sharing, helping and all of that - however I am NOT saying they are tools --- they are awesome girls! They inspire all of us !"

Here I am with the best quilting friend in the whole world...Cheryl!

When we were children we were all taught this verse: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I guess it is the same for quilters: seam rippers, rotary cutters and love. Valuing the people who love us above all other things isn't a "crazy notion" at all if you ask me!

This is my sweet family: hubby Shaul, and sons Daniel and David.

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