Friday, November 26, 2010

Road Trip to Montreal

My Dad and I went on a quickie road trip to Montreal this week to purchase fabric! We came home loaded ... here's the evidence (well some of it!):
Here's some more...including a few things that arrived while we were away! I'll keep posting as we get it put up online for you!


felicity said...

Daaaaaaaang. That's a lot of fabric!! Awesome!!

Cathi said...

Oooh -- what a lovely sight, all that fabric!! Fabulous!

Lee said...

wow that is a load of stuff, biggest fabric haul I have ever seen

Jecko said...

Too bad you came all the way here and I have to order it from you there!! lol

Gimme fabric -- lots and lots of fabric and some lace and pins and buttons. Yesssssss I am happy now!

I love how all the fabric looks. Yummy terrific. I like fabric!

Lisa Caron said...