Friday, January 14, 2011

Does Quilting Define Your Family?

The Globe ran the following piece written by the son of a quilter:

Quilting Has Taken Over My Family

On the heels of that article I received the following email from one of our customers...

Newsflash: Husband Appreciates Sew-Sisters

Hello Judy

Here is a story for you.
For some time now my husband & children realized I come home from your store in a very happy mood, however my husband has a new found appreciation for your store because of 2 recent repair jobs I did for him.

Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 came to the rescue when I had to do a difficult patching job to 2 pairs of his favourite brand of jeans. Yesterday morning I saw him carefully inspecting all of his jeans for a long time and asked him what he was doing. He said he wanted to dress casually for work but didn't want to wear "repaired" jeans so he was trying to figure out which ones were repaired and which ones were not. I told him if he couldn't find the repaired areas after such a long search no one would notice them either so it didn't matter which ones he wore. He thought for a moment, and then laughed in agreement.

When I picked up the big box of batting from your store recently with his help, he didn't know what was in the box. Last weekend I repaired his sleeping bag (yes he goes winter camping, I do not). The inner lining of the sleeping bag was torn & the batting was in bad shape, but I was able to insert a couple of layers of the batting I purchased using the batting tape I bought during my last visit. I inserted a new fleece lining and quilted the repaired area. He was impressed and pleased with the result.'s not only women who appreciate your store.

Toronto, Ontario

Has Quilting totally taken over at your house too?

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