Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Fabric Groupings

We have had a large amount of fabric arriving for fall  (3 skids so far!).  Here are a few of the latest!
Beautiful Baby Panel from Riley Blake.  This one is 8.99 and comes in three colors.  One thing that I love about it is along the selvage there are 9 quilt labels for you to use -  one for the panel and 8 extra for other projects!  Click here to purchase it online: 

We have made a very special purchase of a large volume of Robert Kaufman batiks and are able to offer them for only 10.99/metre.  Here is the first grouping of them and Gail is working hard at getting the rest processed this week. 
Click here to shop for them online:  Batik Fabrics

Another fabulous group from Robert Kaufman is Metro living.  These dots, rings and medallion prints are fashion forward and inspired for garments, bags and modern quilts. 

Click here to purchase them online for only $10.99/metre:   Metro Living

On a completely different note -  these traditional florals come from Danhui Hai for South Seas.  They are priced at only 9.99/metre.  Gorgeous for a cottage quilt!

Click here to purchase Danhui Hai online.


Susa Shone said...

Do I even dare to enter the shop with such gorgeous new fabrics? My Visa has a limit, as does my space for storing fabric...bu think I wll have to come & see anyway (& shop!)
Susan Shone

Sewnuts said...

Just rec'd an order today - that I just ordered this past Mon - never in mymlife received ordered fabric so fast - suppose a little credit goes to Can. Post, although in the past never found they were too swift with shipping. Your prompt filling the online order, the high quality and reasonably priced fabric is going to see me ordering from your site many more times! Maybe I'll even dare to get in your store when passing through Toronto sometime. Thanks again!

Jecko said...

Husband has told me I cannot purchase anymore fabric until I use up about half of what I have. He tells me I don't need the inventory of a small fabric shop. What does he know??? I do too so I don't get bored with quilting ...