Friday, June 7, 2013

Sale on Art Gallery Fabrics!

Absolutely gorgeous fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics and they're only $6.99 per metre!
 Now isn't that a great way to kick off the summer!

 Click here to start shopping! : Art Gallery Fabrics

Alhambra II by Pat Bravo

Alhambra II brings back some of the designs from Pat's first Alhambra collection with a modern twist on the color palettes that will transport you to a different world. This new Alhambra is more vibrant but still delicate, keeping the concept of urban nature.
Click here to purchase: Alhambra II by Pat Bravo for only $6.99 per metre.

Botanica by Pat Bravo

Garden inspired fabrics that reflect nature's organic essence…. A fusion of branches, leaves, blossoms, flowers and captivating color palettes bring about a unique appeal to these prints. This collection reflects an unconventional approach to traditional florals.
Click here to purchase: Botanica by Pat Bravo  for only $6.99 per metre.

Color Splash from the AGF Studio 

 Play with nature in a new, bold, and vibrant palette of colors. A funky twist concept that will infuse you with tonnes of ideas. Abstract flowers & fruits, playful dots and wavy lines with a spontaneous approach that will add excitement to your next project.
Click here to purchase: Color Splash from the AGF Studio for only $6.99 per metre.

Revive by Pat Bravo

Escape from the pressures of life and refresh your senses through soothing colors and trendy designs. Use these fabrics around your home as quilts and home décor products to accentuate a restful ambiance.
Click here to purchase: Revive by Pat Bravo for only $6.99 per metre. 

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KaHolly said...

Isn't that Botanica beautiful? Thanks for the heads up on your clearance fabrics! It's difficult to choose!