Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sew Sisters in the News

We had a bit of excitement at the store yesterday when a Globe and Mail reporter popped by for a visit...here's the story!


Here's how I look to the Globe ... although I'm not normally standing around scowling and looking so firm!


Shaul Swartz said...

I just read the article and your comments are 100% correct - if you are a business in Canada you have to pay taxes regardless of how or where you earn the income. Good on you Judy!

Judy said...

An interesting discussion is happening on the eBay bulletin boards about this topic...


Anita E. said...

Hi Judy!
You are very correct-income is income. As mamma said, "Honesty is the best policy".
You look great in the photo also!
Anita E.

Rhonda said...

You look very POWERFUL!
How did they find you? Who wrote it?

Very NICE!

You mogul, you!