Monday, April 14, 2008

Where oh Where Did Sew Sisters Go??? Oh There they Are!

Oh my - I really pulled a fast one this afternoon. I accidentally deleted our entire website. By some marvel of modern technology when I tried to delete one category I deleted the whole megillah! Yikes!

I quickly called my technology support guys at NI Solutions (that's my hubby's company) where they promptly calmed me down (I thought I was going to throw up) and had it all restored within an hour. Whew - what a close one!

Meanwhile 3 big boxes arrived in the shop! One was all the way from Japan and it was full of more Sashiko Samplers, threads and books!

The other two came from England (via Montreal) and contained all sorts of lovely new fabrics from Makower UK...including the Christmas 2008 fabrics ! More pictures of the new goodies to follow!

Don't forget that the 1930s repros are on sale this week for 5.99/yard and that we are drawing names for free tickets to the Creativ Festival so pop on by and fill out a ballot to win!


magpie said...

I'll say one thing, Miss Judy. You sure keep life interesting! Love the new Makower fabrics!

Shaul Swartz said...

Cudos to NI Solutions - proactive backup management saves the day!!!