Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Under the Heading of Just Plain Weird...

A nice big box of books was delivered to the store today. Like many of you I am addicted to quilting and knitting books so spent a nice leisurely afternoon persusing the new titles! There are lots of great new things but one struck me as ...well...there's only one way to say it ... weird! Maybe now that I am older (thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and for making the birthday sale such a success) I'm getting stodgy ... but you be the judge.

I saw a new title called "Love to Knit Socks" and since I do in fact love to knit socks I ordered it for the store. I wasn't familiar with the author, Bronwyn Lowenthal, and the cover looked innocent enough so I was in for a surprise.

These definately aren't your basic socks.

The book contains:

  • Flip Flop Socks (keeps the toe thong from rubbing)

  • Doggie leg warmers (that's right leg warmers for dogs!)

  • Lacy Stockings and garters (ooh la la)

  • Striped football socks (like Manchester United and Beano)

  • Ski socks with skull and crossbone motif

  • Gardening long socks (with leather kneepads)

Oh the list goes on and on ... Bronwyn is definately an original! I can't wait to hear what Hilma thinks!

There are dozens of other new books in stock to browse through from the radical to traditional! All of our books are priced at the US suggested retail price or less! Here are just a few:

Pat Sloan's I Can't Believe I'm Sewing

Home Stuff by Linda Lum De Bono

1 2 3 Pillows from Better Homes and Gardens

Applique Quilt Revival

Gifts for Baby and Easy Baby Knits

Quilts from the Selvage Edge (really cool concept) ... for more details check out the website: Selvage Quilts

Also we have Creativ Festival tickets and tickets for the York Heritage show available in the store for purchase now!

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