Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey Little Kittens .... Have You Lost Your Mittens?

Earlier this week my mother-in-law and I were walking out to a parking lot when she noticed she was missing her glove...we walked back inside where we quickly found two other single gloves (one on the reception desk, one on top of a garbage can) but neither were hers. That started me noticing all week all the single gloves hanging out in the city. They are everywhere ... on the ground on mailboxes, on fences, just look and you will see them too. And that got me to thinking ... this is the perfect time of year to knit up a couple of quick pairs of mitts for yourself or your favourite kiddies.

Why not grab a ball or two or Universal Chunky and make up a super easy pair ... it will only take an evening (or two at the absolute most)! Here are a few good free pattern links...

Naturally once I got on my mitten kick I started cleaning out our hats and mitts basket at home and found a rather large collection of single mitts there too. I have been on a tear making mittens for the whole family...including the bears!

If you need more help than that I highly recommend calling super teacher Liane Schwartz down at Knitomatic and registering for her mitten class on Tuesday Mar 24 & 31, 6:30-8pm. She's a marvel!


Anonymous said...

Is that Davey? How old is he? The last time I saw him at the guild he was in diapers...time flies doesn't it?

Betweens said...

oh my goodness. the mits are so cute.. even for bear.. LOL