Monday, May 31, 2010

Results of the Weekend Mennonite Relief Sale

Despite the heat this weekend it seems that the Mennonite Relief Auction went very well (this is part of the Kitchener Waterloo Quilt Festival that we were at this weekend). The Mennonite Relief Auction is a tremendous affair with auctions of furniture, children's pets, used goods, plants and more all going on in different rings at the same time. If you are ever in the area it is well worth a trip. I haven't been for a few years because we are always at our booth but the auction really is a fun and educational way to spend a day.
According to the Record...

The highlight of Saturday’s event is always the quilt auction which
attracts buyers from far and wide, each one eager to purchase one of the many
donated quilts. This year’s quilt auction brought in $115,000, with the highest
selling quilt going for $6,400. Last year the top seller sold for $7,200.

Picture from the Waterloos Record. Click here for the full story:

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