Monday, June 14, 2010

June Projects and a Summer Resolution

Oh my goodness...summer is here and I had to make a hard decision. Each summer I tackle a big project...last year I made the sample for our Little Stitchies block of the month:

The summer before it was Over the River - a stunning quilt by Crab Apple Hill:

You can purchase the pattern using this link: Over the River & through the Woods Quilt .
Well yesterday I was home for the whole day with no other commitments (can't remember the last time that happened) - the boys were busy outside with their skateboards and skooters so I tackled a whole lot of housework, baking and then still had time to organize and plan my summer projects. I have so many UFOs right now that I have decided to spend the summer finishing things rather than starting something new.
First up will be the Celebration Quilt. This little quilt is so beautiful it combines stitchery with the Celebration Fabrics designed by Brenda Riddle for Lecien. Sandy has all the kits made up and ready to go...we just need a picture of the finished quilt and finishing the quilt is my responsibility...oh dear. As you can see I have two of the lovely basket blocks stitched and third one hooped and just barely started. This is going to be my first project to finish!
Here's a close-up of the first little block...
Here's the second...
Hopefully I will have the third one ready to show you in the next week!
I have also stalled on my vegan quilt ... this one is a Japanese Hexagon quilt that is a quilt-as-you-go project. As you can see I have finished about 40 hexagons but need to do a lot more! I did prepare another couple of dozen so I am ready to pick it up and get going again! I'd really like to finish this one over the summer. Is anyone interested in an online tutorial for the block?
I'll keep posting my UFO projects through the summer...would anyone else like to join in? If you send pictures we'll post your progress too! Or you can just post your progress through comments if you prefer.
On the baking front I just made up some muffins ... but I thought they looked so pretty in my new cupcake holder that I would share it too!


Anonymous said...

I love your 'vegan' quilt and would be very grateful if you would post a tutorial on how to make the blocks. They could be made into so many things - a hot pad, a runner, placemats, a shopping bag, and more!

Lisa Caron said...

I would totally be up for the online tutorial on the hexagon blocks, they look so cool and I have been afraid to try something like that.
I will send pics or at least post comments of my summer UFO projects, I have one that is almost done so I guess I better get the camera ready!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Joanne said...

I agree!!! I love this pattern. I used the hexagons shapes to make a 6 inch ball for my great nephew--- with the same fabrics that are in his baby quilt. Pls provide more info... said...

Oh my goodness! I just love (LOVE!) the stitchery (those cute, cute baskets!) in the centre of your blocks.

Very inspiring. I have been thinking about embroidery lately...I don't know why as I am not sure what I will do with something that I have embroidered. But I am sure that will change as I continue to think on it.

Myunghee Jung said...

Beautiful!! Great!!
I love your quilt and cupcake muffin :)

and here is my summer UFO project photo link :!/photo.php?pid=30638221&id=1387066325

I can do it. ^^

Betweens said...

I have that basket needlework quilt as a project on my list. I love your vegan hexies.
as for wip (not ufo) I have just finished the last of my houses and will be adding them to the boarder...all the windows and doors are added on the chimneys are there. the yoyo trees are ready now its the big part of appliquing them on...