Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 4

Another week, another block done. We are still early in this journey but the enthusiasim is building. I noticed in the comments that golfergranny said she has already picked out her sashing. Love to see pictures of the fabric. It might help get the creative juices flowing for the rest of us. You know when you go to a quilt show and see the most beautiful quilt, and the colours in it are the last thing you would choose but it looks fabulous? It gets us thinking outside of the box.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to vote. I was having a hard time making the decision as to which colour way to do. Stonehenge is the winner! Now I will have to get caught up.

I thought I would show what we have done so far. That's the 1930s on the left and Stonehenge on the right.  We are only 4 blocks in so if you want to regsiter it will be easy enough to catch up!

This was todays block: Blazing Trail
This weeks block is Blazing Trail; it was a fun one block to do. It was a little more time consuming than the others, but it came together nicely. I pieced the Stonehenge block first. I constructed the four nine patch units individually then assembled them together to make one large block.

I did the 30's block in class and thought I might speed things up by strip piecing but I found the pressing got confusing.

I pieced together the three columns and then assembled them into a block. It was worth the try but in the future I will stick to the tried and true pattern.

Congratulations Magnolia, you are the winner of the draw this week. Email us to claim your prize.

This week tell us a funny quilting story, either a boo boo you made or something that happened when you were quilting and we will draw for a free fat quarter. I know I have a few good stories -

Happy Quilting! Jeannie

4 comments: said...

I had heard that a quilter was telling her husband that the fat quarters were just samples (free).
When I bring fat quarters home,I wink and say they are samples and my husband says, "Ya,right!"

Anita E.

anonymous H block-of-the-month said...

everyone has probably already heard this one ... I once saw a mini quilt that said: "My husband said he will leave me if I buy any more fabric" ... then in very small letters underneath: "I will miss him"

Magnolia said...

Not so fast with your colour choice, Jeannie. I picked Stonehenge, but now that I have the fabric in my hand...I think I like the 1930's better. I'm finding the Stonehenge really dark. I chose it because it was something I would never pick myself, as you said, thinking outside the box...but maybe I like my box!

Judy said...

The quilting story I have is when I took my first quilting class the instructions were somewhat minimal, either that or I really was a beginner! One lesson was to cut a triangle using a template. I think I was saving material and fitted the template in somewhere which happened to be on the bias. I worked all day trying to sew that triangle to another triangle. I still remember my teacher looking at that block with the most puzzled look on her face!
Same teacher another block; the lesson was to piece and sew the dresden plate pattern for a wall hanging. I wasn't certain if the 1/4" was included in the template so I included it. Maybe the hint was S/A included - who knew? Well it is a beautiful pattern and the result is used everyday as a pillow for my sewing chair. Lessons learned!