Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 40

Hi Everyone:

     I hope you are all keeping up with your blocks.   We are nearing the finish line, only 12 more weeks to go.

     This weeks block is called Jim Dandy.  There are  number of flying geese rulers on the market.  If you have one  that will do a 1  1/4"  X  2 1/2" Flying Geese block, you can use it for this block.  I have purchased two of these rulers and am ashamed to say I haven't tried them out yet.  I keep meaning to bring them into work for this project.

     First, divide your small triangles into 4 piles.  Two piles of colour #2, and 2 piles of colour #3. Four triangles in each pile.
Then take your larger triangles and assembly line piece them, sewing  triangles from colour #2 and colour 3 onto the large triangles.  Make 8.  Repeat this step using up the other 2 piles of triangles, being careful to match the colour of the other side of the triangle.  This will give you 8 flying geese segments in two colour ways.

Flying Geese Segments

     This is where you can play around a little with placement of the flying geese segments.  I tried placing the colour #2 close the the centre of the block.  Which is what the pattern calls for.

Colour #2 Close To The Centre
But I just had to see it with colour #3 in the inner position.

Second Example
Once you have decided which you like the best, assemble them accordingly. 

Flying Geese Segments

     Lay out the block segments out in the order that they will appear in the block. Assemble.
This is what you finished block will look like.

30's  Jim Dandy Block

 Jim Dandy Block Using Stonehenge Fabric
Happy sewing everyone, see you next week!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannie, thanks for demo-ing this block, I've been looking for a unusual star as an accent block (for a quilt for my mum), and this might just be if! Will let you know if I end up using this, cheers Kem