Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 43

Hi Everyone:

     This weeks block is a little more challenging, but I think you will be pleased with the end result.  It is called Martha Washington Star.  It is a pinwheel block in the centre of a star block.  Because we are working with 3 different sizes of triangles you are best to lay out the whole block beside your sewing machine so not to have left right confusion.  Piece the pinwheel portion of your block first.
Sew pieced triangle from fabric 1 and 3.

Layout of Triangles For Pinwheels
     Next you will piece the large triangle to the pieced triangle to make a square.  Make four of these.

Pieced Triangle Squares
Sew these 4 squares together to make a pinwheel segment of your block.  Set aside for now.

Pieced Pinwheel Block
The next portion of the block is flying geese, and I know we are all experts at these by now.  Assemble 4 flying geese segments using colour 1 and 2.

Layout For Martha Washington Star

Assemble segments into rows, and then join rows to create your block.
Martha Washington Star Block, 30's Fabric
Martha Washington Star Block, Stonehenge Fabric
Have a great week!

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