Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fundamentals Sew Along - Week 41

Hi Everyone:
    There is a whirlwind of activity at the store this week, getting ready for Creative Festival.  So I carved out a corner of the classroom to do my blog post.   As you can see we are going to have lots of great bargains.  If you are planning to go, be sure  to drop but our booth.

One Metre Cuts Of Sale  Fabric

More Sale Fabric
Ready To Pack The Truck
Judy Is Still Cutting!
     This week's block is called Turnstile.  It is a quick one to do.   First you will join two triangles using fabric #1 and Fabric #3 to make pieced triangles.  Make four of these.

Pieced Triangles
Then join them to the larger triangle to make pieced squares.  Make four of these.

Pieced Squares

Arrange them in the order that they will appear in the block.

Block Segments
Sew your squares together into rows.

Two Rows
This is your finished block!

Turnstile Block, Fundamentals Fabric 
Turnstile Block, 30's Fabric
    If you come to the Creative Festival drop by the booth and say hi.  I will be doing a demo there.  Have a great week everyone!

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