Saturday, February 27, 2010

Medal Count 21 ... Four Medals to Report

We were transfixed by curling yesterday evening and the medal came down to the last stone! Congratulations to the women's team for winning silver!

We are going to put a lovely Christmas panel into the basket ... no reason in particular...just because it is pretty.

Here is the link to purchase it online: Christmas Tree Panel
It was really a great day for men's speed skating - by the end of it we had three medals and two of those were Gold!
In men's short track speed skating: Gold went to Charles Hamelin and Bronze went to Francois-Louis Tremblay.
The men's relay team also took home gold! Congratulations gentleman.

Into the prize bucket goes two pieces from the Jennifer Paganelli's Bell Bottoms collection - it is so cute and fresh and we have tonnes of it on sale now for $6.99! Here is the link to shop online: Bell Bottoms

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