Sunday, February 28, 2010

Medal Count 26: Men's Hockey Team Wins Gold

What a game! What an ending Sidney Crosby gets the goal in overtime - it couldn't have been any better! My sons and husband are jumping around all over the place and I had to scramble away to put another prize in the basket! It's a biggie this time...a Thimblerries thread collection worth $25! It contains 6 mini king cones in the best thimbleberries colors!

Altogether our basket is now worth well over $200! We will draw a name in the morning so you have until 9 am tomorrow morning to place an order to get your name in the basket.
Congratulations to all our athletes! We have had a phenomenal time and are bursting with pride over our medal showing!


Heather Cady Wilson said...

Oh █ ♥ █ Canada! Bursting with pride right here in my living room too!

Mam said...

From the east coast, our hearts are swelling with national pride! Oh Canada.

Dolores said...

What a great day! Congratulations to all the athletes - especially our very own Canadians. 14 Golds.